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The tools that 1ClickGames uses to improve communication with casino customers

Communication is the key to success when it comes to customer relationships. Each casino player comes to the casino to play, win, have a great time and receive a great service. If something is missing in the service, for example, customer support might not be available or the player is confused with a confusing promotion terms, they will be disappointed and the chances are that they will go and look for another casino. To increase customer lifetime value, 1ClickGames uses several tools on its product websites that helps them to get more satisfied customers and reach its 1 billion transaction goal faster.

Registration first

The registration form is the first thing that the customer sees when they land on the casino website. If the registration form is difficult and requires a lot of time, most new users will quit during the registration process. For those, who survive the registration form, the verification process is waiting ahead and may work as a barrier for impatient players.

1ClickGames wanted to reduce human involvement in account verification and make this process as fast as it can be. Now in the registration form, the new player can upload the needed documents for verification instead of doing it from their e-mail. The mobile registration form was optimized for mobile devices allowing it to make photos from the mobile camera. As a result, the verification procedure is faster and easier.

Personalized account

To make casino players feel more comfortable, all 1ClickGames casino websites have a little special addition to the player’s account. All players can choose an avatar from the game characters or add one of their own ― a selfie, spirit animal, favorite cartoon or a movie hero. Sounds like a trifle, but the players love this feature and it really improves a player’s experience.

Better communication via SMS

It is important to have great communication with the customer, but sometimes the e-mail newsletters are not enough. Players rarely check them and miss a lot of promotions, special offers, etc. To upgrade B2C communication, 1ClickGames started sending SMS notifications. This decision has provided a huge opportunity for creating great communication with clients, sending them new SMS promotions, bonus codes and even Birthday wishes with an extra gift. The advantage is that the all-important notifications are sent directly to the client, and doing it via SMS increases the chance that the message will be seen.


If you are looking to improve your casino website and increase your customer lifetime value, 1ClickGames can help and also offer various products for the gambling industry. Please requesting a quote and a 1ClickGames representative will contact you as soon as possible, to discuss the possible cooperation.