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1ClickGames launching casino tournaments with automatic prize payouts

One of the important things in the casino industry is to make the casino business work effectively and automate processes to decrease employee involvement and costs. The 1ClickGames stepped forward and found a way to make marketing activities for players on casino websites fully automatic, this lowers expenses and to reach the 1 billion transaction goal faster.

The advantage

Marketing activities on casino websites are the engine of progress and the incentive for players to play more and increase their engagement within the website. Sometimes it is time-consuming to plan and release a marketing activity each month manually. So, the automatization of marketing activities, for example, automatic prize payouts and real-time tournament result publishing are great solutions for companies, that have more than one casino website with reiterative promotions. By making the marketing promotions fully automatic and able to give payouts, the employee involvement will immediately be reduced. The financial transaction will take less time as it will not be manually processed by employees.

Cash and free spins prizes

1ClickGames allows any marketing activity to integrate, which will run for a current period in the tournament form. The best form of activity is monthly 1 000-dollar tournament, it attracts the player's attention with real-time results and any deception is completely transparent. This type of tournament has wide configuration options, that can be used to adapt the tournament for each casino style and needs. The prize settings, frequency, amount, etc. can also be adapted for special client needs. The possible prizes, that 1ClickGames offers are free spins and cash prizes, that encourage players to play on, thereby increasing their lifetime value on the casino website.


If you are interested in diversifying your marketing promotions with something new, that will increase your clients LTV on your casino website, then please requesting a quote , and our company representative will contact you soon to discuss the cooperation opportunities.