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A great way to expand the game portfolio with 1ClickGames lotteries

A Casino website suggests a lot of different casino games and opportunities for players to have fun. Unfortunately, many casinos stay with the same products for years and eventually begin to lose customers due to their lack of innovation. That is why it is so important to provide users with trending and updated content, or they will find something else to better suit their needs

New product

On its way to its 1 billion transaction goal, 1ClickGames has expanded its portfolio of casino products with Lottery 2-3-4 Ball Games. The product integration takes only one day, which is a great move for providers who are looking for an instant upgrade for their game services. The new lottery product from 1ClickGames comes with a new UI, with a responsive design that will have an adaptive function for desktop and mobile devices. It can be integrated with an online payout calculator for user’s convenient betting.

Added innovations

This innovation will allow our casino players to buy lottery tickets online using the same account, as well as leading to an increase in the company’s NGR. For the player’s convenience, the lottery results will be published on the website in real-time. One of the first casinos that integrated our lottery solution is the casino provider.

Why it is important to stay on point

According to gambling statistics, the most popular gambling activity in 2018, accounting for 28%, was participation in the National lottery. The next two activities, scratch cards and other lotteries, both took 11%, showing a marked increase in the attraction of lotteries. It therefore makes sense to consider adding a form of lottery to your casino website to improve customer interaction and enjoyment.


If you are considering extending your existing casino with various game types, please check out all the great products that 1ClickGames offer. It is possible to get more additional information about a possible partnership by requesting a quote and our company representative will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.