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Ways of keeping players secure with 1Click Games

Security is the number one priority in gambling and is the most important criteria when picking an online casino website to play. During the registration, players usually share their data, including data of their payment card. This data can be used by scammers for their own needs, endangering the player and their data. 1Click Games considers themselves responsible for protecting players and their stay on the site. This article will discuss several ways of creating extra security like preventing registration of duplicated player accounts and account hacking protection.

Account hacking protection

As previously mentioned, before starting to play in a current casino website it is important to check the security of the website. What payment systems are used, what is the casino policy and what about other players' playing experience? For their part, the casino should provide clear terms and conditions and details of their privacy policy.
Sometimes scammers try to hack the current player’s account to steal personal data. In order to provide security on all their offered online casino brands, 1Click Games uses automatic account blocking upon failed login attempts. The player is automatically blocked after several failed login attempts in sequence with an incorrect password. This option can be enabled or disabled per brand and the amount of failed login attempts can be decided, after which access to the account will be blocked. This option can be configured per brand and can be a successful way of protecting players from any type of fraud. The access to a player’s account can be restored with the customer support team's help.

Responsible Gambling and Anti-Fraud in action

1Click Games takes care of its players and supports the Responsible Gaming rules. When a player selects self-exclusion due to their gaming addiction, their subsequent registrations will be rejected. Registration of duplicated players' account will also be rejected. The duplicated accounts will be checked by matching personal details and, for flexibility, these checks can be enabled or disabled per brand. These checks help to prevent any type of blocked account reappearance.


Having a secure website for players will positively affect the casino business as these safe places will be highly rated by players. If you are searching for a secure partner in creating a brand-new casino brand, 1Click Games is the right company to trust. If you already have a casino brand that you want to make a more secure place for players to play, 1Click Games also can offer its services. Do not hesitate to request a quote to discuss further working opportunities. 1Click Games – the solution that clicks!