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Game audience segmentation or who is playing casino games?

Knowing your audience is always a good thing, especially when finding ways to help improve your product. The same strategy also works perfectly for the gambling industry because all the action is made by people, aka players. Each casino business owner once thought about, who are they? These people who are playing in my online casino? Usually all those questions can be answered by the online casino marketing and support team, but to get a better overall picture and be clear about who usually visits online casino websites, 1Click Games will share a few facts with you about the target audience of online casinos.

How people get to the casino websites

Casino visitors may be different, not all visitors have the same goal of winning money or getting a few free spins. Usually people explore casino websites out of curiosity, whilst others are there to pursue their specific goals. They can be addictive gamblers, people who want to earn money or players passionate about strategies and systems. In the gambling business there are six different classifications that can be used to identify the most active user groups on casino websites. The classifications are:

-Classic players
-Young adults
-The romantics
-Bonus hunters

It is worth spending some time looking at each group in detail. The women group usually go for a special type of games on the website. Usually they are shopping games, movie games or games with movie stars. These are slots with a bright design, familiar superman characters, fascinating stories or just shops full of ladies’ items. Usually, these types of game are only played by women.
Classic players select games in the format of the past before there were online casinos – they prefer games like Sizzling Hot, Ultra hot and others that have already transformed on the Internet but still meet the same desires and requirements of the players.

Young adults love strategy games in 3D with beautiful graphics and an exciting storyline such as Warcraft or Heroes.

Intellectuals are just obsessed with “Smart” games with their specialized strategy and involving a serious game (often for money). They are not very colorful games, such as video poker, blackjack or baccarat.

The romantics look for adventure, treasures, pirates, chases, pleasant music. They are united by a love of five-drum slots with a variety of fascinating themes, intricate graphics, and interesting musical accompaniment.

There are different types of bonus hunters, but their main activity is to only play the bonus money given by the casino. Usually it is a welcome sum or free spins that they use to win without spending personal money. This is the most fleeting players because usually their activity ends with the ending of the bonus funds.

The demographic groups

There is also a big difference in the preferences of different demographic groups. They can be classified in three broad groups. Firstly, men and women with an average income, who like to play to have fun and test their gaming strategies. Such users can be attracted to sites through various promotions to help them evaluate the game for money. The second group, with a lower income, are seeking enrichment. These players can be attracted by various potential bonuses and develop their subconscious desire to earn money on online casinos. And finally, the third group are young men and women with varying incomes who come to the website for entertainment, relaxing and having a good time. They can also be attracted to sites by offering various promotions and bonuses and a game for money.


In your online casino you can face different types of casino players but knowing the general classifications will make it easier to create an effective marketing strategy that will work perfectly on the targeted group of players. If you have just started thinking about creating your online casino and you are just gathering information about the gaming field, 1Click Games can become a trusted partner in creating a brand-new casino based on your requirements, the products that you want to integrate to your project, payment systems and other important considerations. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your casino project is just in one click away, so please request a quote and our company representative will contact you as soon as possible.