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Marketing features from 1Click Games that can be customized for each casino

Marketing is the key to progress in the casino industry. However, due to the high level of competition in the casino market, it is simply not enough to load the casino website with the most popular casino games and then leave it to generate new customers and casino development. A well-designed, effective marketing strategy and unique features will make your casino a special place for your players, along with a good e-mail and loyalty strategy, using SEO and social media to grow casino audience and usage of affiliate programs. Each online casino should have its unique feature that will attract customers and help to retain them. 1Click Games offers unique features that can be customized for each online casino.

The 1Click Games clicker games

The incremental clickers that 1Click Games creates can be adjusted to any online casino and be the star of the casino. More details about the clicker games can be found here, but this article will give more information about the practical side and the player’s feedback.


A Clicker game is a small interactive game that appears when the player enters their account. It requires a simple action from players, like clicking on the offered item and then receiving motivational words or money prizes! The clicker can be displayed in any form – treasure check, firework, diamond, lucky pot or anything that suits the theme of the casino. The main responsibility of the clicker game is to convert the accumulated coins that the player earned during their play. The offered clicker game is a retention solution that gives players the motivation to exchange their coins and receive an extra win by using the clicker. The clicker can be created as the main character of the casino, such as an animal or item but the main functions remain unchanged.

Customized casino games categories

To increase player engagement, you sometimes need to customize the area visuals of the games. If we can’t change the gameplay, we can use it to create a special and unique game category for current events like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. The special categories customize completely for the brand's needs and can easily be turned on or off during a specific time. It’s a great marketing extra for special offers campaigns that are based on a current game theme or category.


Marketing strategy is an ever-evolving story, especially in the casino industry, so adding a few new touches to the website, such as a clicker game or a customized game category, can positively affect player retention. Adding extra opportunities for play or earning unique bonuses is a great way for players to stay at your casino longer.

If you still don’t own a casino, then 1Click Games can quickly and easily provide the solution by creating a brand-new while-label casino solution, that will meet all the casino standards and your requirements. Feel free to know more about 1Click Games by requesting a quote today.