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1ClickGames is the right choice as a multi-channel platform provider for your gaming business

Recently, more and more businesses have been searching for a good, professional multi-channel platform to centralize their work in one place and deliver excellent business solutions. 1ClickGames offer one of the best multi-brand solutions for business, that will not only group the company’s work and data in one place, but also help to build a strong service and make it work faster.

1ClickGames is determined to deliver an omnichannel solution

1ClickGames knows about the multifunctionality first hand. Combining all the services into one well-coordinated mechanism not only helps to increase the workflow speed but also opens a lot more possibilities. For example, combining the land-based client data and their online activity gives the company a full picture of the client’s behaviour. The key feature of an omni-channel solution is that simplifies everything into one customer account, giving you a centralized view of your customers’ activities at a single glance. It also allows the customer a simplified access to all the different channels and products, however and wherever they choose to play.

1ClickGames will tie together your channels into one well-coordinated mechanism


The multi-channel solution from 1ClickGames is focused solely on the overall positive result. The joint system, in turn, should make it easier to cope with and process the huge data flow. The 1ClickGames system is a unifying service: it is an opportunity to combine all the necessary data, compliance and sessions into one working mechanism. Most importantly, 1ClickGames creates a single backend in order to administer all the necessary channels.

The solution for individual products

The best option when creating a great product is to focus on the consumers and target audience. The best way to find out the behaviour of existing clients is to follow their activity on your gaming platform in each activity – casino, sportsbook, lottery etc. That means the player can easily move from slots to sportsbooks, having a great time whilst all his data will be saved in the multi-channel system. 1ClickGames joint systems will provide you with all collected data about each player, using different casino games, eliminating the need for different back-ends for each casino product.

1ClickGames platform allows you to integrate all the products into an omnichannel account

No-one likes complicated things and solutions. Businesses have their own problems and are seeking the easiest ways to solve them. 1ClickGames can solve the existing problems with a great joint solution. Simplicity is the number one thing that 1ClickGames focuses on, so it is super simple to integrate any kind of product with the open platform. Only a few clicks and the desired product is ready to be used.

Open API for fast integration

1ClickGames understands that time is money and smart solutions are required. The company uses an open API for fast and easy integration of any type of product. This solution will lower your time-to-market time, ensuring positive results for your business.

Complete attention on customer experience


The omnichannel strategy is focused on the customer experience across all available channels. Your customers do not need to know what platform you are using, they are simply looking for results – profitable offers and promotions, interesting games, loyalty rewards, etc. The main idea of the omni-channel is to create easy navigation between different products and to attract players to use them. All aspects of 1ClickGames omni-channel is completely thought out and verified with instant results.

Full control of each account with an individual approach

To get the most accurate data, the omnichannel must provide a complete picture of each customer from every angle and treat each one individually. Only by collecting all the complete information about the customer, can some conclusions be made. The omnichannel sees which product and channel were used by each account. The system from 1ClickGames provides integration of Business Intelligence and analytic tools.

The solution can offer cross-channel promotions and loyalties

The whole omnichannel experience is designed for customer retention and finding ways of customer conversion. The solution from 1ClickGames shares the great experience of promoting loyalties to selected customers across all channels. One of the best things is that this service can convert the huge group of anonymous retail players to multi-channel players with an account that will give their data for further analysis. The omnichannel will make the transition as seamless and convenient as possible for the user.

1ClickGames cross-channel can handle the different requirements

The 1ClickGames omnichannel solution is fully regulated and meets all the gambling criteria and jurisdictions. 1ClickGames is always seeking new goals and the company’s mission is not only to offer its products, but also to help other businesses to develop and grow. The omnichannel solution is only a part of the bigger mechanism, that will help to push your gambling business forward to new goals and achievements. It does not matter what kind of casino you operate – online or land-based, the only thing that matters is the common goal.

The 1ClickGames omnichannel is a world-changing solution for your business

wold-changing solution

The platform implementation from 1ClickGames to your business will change your business forever. It will have an impact on all the processes in your company and reach most of the everyday processes. The main focus of your business will switch to your customers and their behaviour. The customer will determine the processes on which you will work in the near future because everything will be focused on the revenues and retention rates via cross-selling engagement.


Picking the omnichannel for your business is a very important decision. However, if your commitment matches the offer from 1ClickGames and you want to improve your casino product with the new omnichannel solution, please requesting a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best decision that you will ever make.