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The reason why players choose to play casino games and what destroys players’ conversion?

The gambling industry was built on entertainment, and the main function was to entertain people with different activities. During that time, things changed and gambling gave more reasons to join, like winning money. And it is not surprising as we always look for the benefits of each activity first. This article will consider the player's behavior and the small things, which usually push the potential players away.

The reason why?


When setting up goals it is important to find the reasons why clients should choose your product first. The question should be – why people will play the current casino? Relevant questions will always be learnt from players’ answers and opinions. To do that, let’s use the data from UK Online Gambling Player Research. According to that there are many reasons why people gamble online. It is useful to note that 53% of the respondents noted the main reason is to win money. Only 17% said that they gamble for enjoyment, 8% to feel the thrill and excitement, 7% to pass the time, 7% play sports bets to make sports more exciting, 4% to test their skill and 1% for the social interaction.

What attracts players the most?

A player’s behavior is a broad subject, the reasons why each player chose the current casino can consist of different factors. There is no secret recipe to satisfy all the players, but for sure there are certainly some things that players look at.

Bonus offers & free bets

Most respondents mentioned that bonus offers are the main reason why they have registered on the casino website. The bonuses give players a chance to get more money than they expected to deposit, also some bonuses provide non-deposit bonuses, that means, the player can play only on deposit money, without adding his funds. In the case of a non-deposit bonus, the turnover is higher, which sometimes requires some time to play it back. The free bets are almost the same as bonus offers, the only difference is that free bets are given in a current game, and free bets can mostly be seen as a free spin in slot games.

Famous brand & quality of the website

The most popular among players takes well-known casino websites. The trust, outgoing from them often covers not very profitable promos. It does not mean that the players spending most of their time on the famous website will not change their habits. They will. But only when they see things that catch their attention on a different website. 60% of people in the world are visuals and they perceive the information with their eyes. For example, if they see a poorly made website, they will not stop and pay attention to it, because of the bad visuals. To compete with the famous brands there are important steps to make your casino brand work on the visual content and to think about the website from the user’s point of view.

Special promotions

Marketing is the key to customers. Marketing strategies contain various options of special promotions, which usually attract and keep players on the casino website. Some players deposit only on special occasions and do it only on special promotions. During the year there are a lot of special holidays, like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and world-famous events like Black Friday casinos can plan for. On those dates players usually receive the best offers, so it is quite important to develop a great marketing strategy which will convert players.

Variety of games


Don’t be mistaken and assume that if a casino website has more games, it will attach it will attract more players. According to statistics, players mentioned the game variety only in the 8th position. This is the case, when quality matters, not quantity. If the casino website is full of promotions, offers, bonuses, etc., the player will find a game to play, but if the variety of games is huge, the chance that players will stay on the website longer increases.

Good mobile\tablet websites

Thanks to technology, gambling has become mobile. Players can play on the go – at work, at lunch, at a party, while going home on the subway and even in bed. A great casino works perfectly on any mobile device or tablet. The responsive casino skins will always work perfectly to provide players fast access to their account, offer any type of game to play and work exactly like the desktop version. People like to spend time with their smartphones and if their favorite casino has a mobile version, the retention rate will grow.

Ease of depositing

When the time comes to deposit, it is important that this process does not require too much personal data, time and will be not too complicated. Players usually avoid a complicated way of making a deposit, as they need to put the money as fast as possible to continue playing. If the deposit process requires a lot of steps, verifications, and expectations, 9 out of 10 players will cancel the process.

What stop the players?


There are several stoppers, which end the desire to play even by the most avid player. Here are the most annoying things according to players, that stop them from continuing to play.

Complicated registrations

If you have read the article Why it is important to lower the registration time on casino websites? Then you already know the player’s negative attitude to long and complicated registration forms. It is not only time consuming, but also unclear and the user will stop the process. The easier and faster the registration form is, the more likely the player will continue his journey. Players also do not like to share their data right away, before playing. Simplicity is one of the casino players' priorities, the simpler the better.

Long withdrawals

The second problem with impatient casino players is the long withdrawals. The longer the process gets, the more the trust fades away. It is understandable, that withdrawal takes a lot of different processes to check and provide the player with the win, and it also cannot be removed but the processes can be optimized and as a result, a player will receive his cash and the casino has one more lucky player.

Bad customer support


Customer support is made to assist players and guide them through the jungles of misunderstandings and questions. Sometimes players have problems registering or do not know how to use a promo code correctly, and at this point the customer support comes to the rescue. The customer support should be online most of the time and provide help via different communication channels: online chat, e-mail, Skype, phones. The more channels activated, the more chance that a player’s problem will be solved. If the customer support doesn’t assist quickly, doesn’t follow the ethical rules of communication with clients, answers rudely and unfriendly or support doesn’t exist, then it is probably the last time that the player will play on the current website.


According to research, a player that usually spends time on the casino websites pursues four goals: simplicity, instant gratification, entertainment value, and an engaging and rewarding winning experience. Following all the recommendations that were mentioned above and creating a user-friendly game content which is full of marketing, will allow us to attract more customers and retain them by covering all their needs, and knowing what the audience needs. If you want to bring your existing casino website to a brand-new level or create a casino business from scratch, 1ClickGames is one of the best partners in this industry to achieve new goals and understand the meaning of success.

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