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Is the desktop era in gambling over?

With the advent of the Internet in our lives, the gaming industry experienced a huge rise in popularity. Online casinos started to pop up very quickly and demand began to grow as well. People started active playing from their PCs and laptops. Over the years interest in the online gambling field grew as well as the latest technologies started releasing more and more new gadgets that could support online casinos, like… smartphones! The 1ClickGames team, with its goal of reaching 1 billion transactions, have studied the market to get answers to one of the most commonly asked questions – is the desktop era in gaming finally coming to an end?

Mobile gambling

Once this field became so popular, gambling companies offered applications to play casino games, made mobile versions of their websites to attach players. People quickly got used to the new technologies because mobile gambling has lots of advantages, like easy access, you can play on the go, during the lunch break at work, in the subway, home on the sofa and even during that boring Christmas dinner with relatives. After that, PC based gaming faded into the background.

Where do people usually gamble on their mobile?

To understand players’ needs it is important to know where they usually play. To find out, we can turn to the UK Online Gambling Player Research Key Insights and see more of the player’s gaming behavior. According to the results, 70% of people gamble using mobile phones at home, 20% gamble at work, 23% whilst traveling on public transport, 15% gamble in the pub, 15% at someone else’s house and 2% do it somewhere else. The interesting fact is that most people gamble at home and do not use the mobility of the devices.

What devices do they use to play?

devices players use
Mobile is not always king, according to the poll about preferred devices, it showed that 40% of respondents gamble using a laptop, 36% use PC to gamble, 14% do it from a tablet, 9% gamble from a smartphone and the 1% do it from other devices. So obviously there must be some reason why most of the respondents use a laptop as a device to play, whilst the smartphone gets the last position.

Why people avoid playing on smartphones
avoid playing on smartphones
When respondents were asked why they do not prefer smartphones as a gambling tool, they provided several answers: 47% answered that the screen is too small, 22% claimed that they hadn’t had a good experience gambling on a mobile, 19% said that they didn’t have one to play, 18% were not sure about the security, 12% responded that their smartphones were not good enough to play on, 11% players said that smartphones were not fast enough to play on, 5% responded that it was too complicated to set up the casino, 2% and 3% thought that there were fewer games and bet types available on mobiles. To sum up, we can see that there are many reasons why users do not pick smartphones as their preferred device for gambling.

What’s next?

Considering the data from the poll, you might wonder that mobile gaming has a future? But actually, mobile gaming stats worldwide are growing each year and gaming experts predict that the future will be mobile gaming. With technological developments, a lot of problems that players often complain about while playing on smartphones will soon be solved. Now the gambling industry is solving questions about the mobile gambling safety, cryptocurrency also adds an extra confidence for playing on smartphones. Internet connection is getting stronger and devices are becoming more powerful and games more diverse.


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