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Road to a Unique Casino Platform by In-House Unique Content Creation

Money Wheel Game

Another unique content recently deployed was The Money Wheel game. Money Wheel is based on the American Roulette theme enhanced with Lottery flavor. Apart from placing a regular wager (like on number, column, row, etc.) in the Roulette, the game continues with a Bonus Ball Draw, giving the player a chance for an extra winning, depending on the configurable pay out range settings. The draw occurs every 4 minutes within 24 hours, 7 days per week, and it is fed with RNG results. Thus, the game handles 360 draws daily.

Unlike regular online casino roulette, the Money Wheel draw takes place at the same time. The game is available not only for online customers but also for offline Points of sales. Thanks to the special interactive design the draw can be broadcasted on up to 4K TV screens in the land-based shops simultaneously providing the opportunity for sales.

This lets customers watch the draw right away after the bets and keep going with betting with a very short time to wait for the game results.

Money Pot Game

Money Pot is a simple lottery-style game for a quick win. The player just needs to pick one lucky number from a pool of 36. By some extra sum of the wager, the Mega Ball option can be activated to become eligible for winning an additional prize.

This game supports manual posts for in-studio-held draws in case the draw itself needs to be broadcasted. Diversity-wise, the RNG results feed will be added soon, thus the number of the games can be increased up to hundreds per day.

Just like all our own lottery content, this game is also available for online customers and land-based points of sales.