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Effective Signup Bonus Use, fraud in iGaming & new iGaming jurisdiction

Fundamentals of Effective Free Signup Bonus Use

If you are thinking about increasing your traffic and signup rate by adding a free signup bonus to your offering, consider first the many risks attached, or it might lead to significant overspending and conversion rates dropping up to tenfold.

Typically, free bonus traffic is viewed as low-quality traffic and there are many reasons why, but the main reason is bonus hunters who will flood your website expecting to extract monetary value out of your offer with no risk or further investment. However, it doesn't mean that you should not use sign-up bonuses at all, as they can significantly improve your onboarding process and build initial trust. But how do you make life harder for potential bonus hunters and not scare away your better players at the same time?

Most importantly, that can be achieved by proper targeting. You should always start by evaluating the affiliate and the geo you want to target - how well they perform without sign-up bonuses, what's their LTV, conversion rate, and even covering their deposit method needs. Always expect a drop in efficiency KPIs and an increase in multi-accounting rate. Luckily, our systems can detect multi-accounters upon signup and automatically decline the sign-up bonus. This is especially important nowadays when people find coupon codes on the internet and targeting one affiliate does not guarantee that the traffic will not be mixed with other sources. Therefore, always limit your signup bonus campaigns by time. It will help you to remove unwanted traffic. It will also allow you to re-evaluate the performance of the campaign and decide whether you want to continue running it.

Secondly, by managing risks. Apart from basic actions that include choosing the game, a number of spins, wagering requirements, the maximum payout, and individual bonus weighting that will apply to all your bonuses and games, our systems also enable limiting of the signup bonus wagering to a particular pool of games. You can remove unwanted risky titles, or leave only the cheapest ones based on your revenue share deals by a provider. There's plenty of room to maneuver and you can optimize this environment live, based on how well your campaigns perform.

Lastly, it is not written in the stone, but if you want to make the most out of such traffic, plan to run separate conversion campaigns for players attracted this way. Not only will the onboarding process and first experience with your brand will differ, but it's also a completely different segment of players with completely different values, so you should also speak to them differently. Thankfully, all the communication means on our platform can be segmented by the fact of claiming a sign-up bonus.

If you want to know more, or would like to learn how you can take advantage of these 1Click Games’ software functions, feel free to request a demo.

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Let’s talk more about fraud in iGaming

Knowing and understanding fraud types helps operators to prevent losses for online casinos. Multiple accounts are a well-known type of gaming fraud that online operators are facing on a daily basis and we will get to know what fraud is involved in it.

As operators, we should understand and know that not all users are joining online casinos as a genuine users looking for fun and entertainment. Operators should understand that some users are not their customers and that not all traffic is good for them.

Bonus Abuse, Gnoming, Collusion, and Chip Dumping are engaged in Multiple account fraud. Multiple account fraud is the most common type of online gambling fraud. Having more than one account involved in one game presents a range of opportunities that fraudsters can take advantage of.

Bonus Abuse – players commit bonus abuse by creating several accounts to get multiple bonuses. Numerous fake accounts benefit from coupons, sign up bonuses, and other handsome promotions. While these offers effectively attract new players and may not be worth a lot, it's free money for the fraudster and the money casino just gave away for nothing.

Gnoming – this type is mostly used to avoid max bet limitations by multiple accounts of the same casino. To sum up, this type is used to impact results in any casino product.

Collusion - is when an individual uses multiple accounts or several fraudsters join a game with multiple accounts and manipulate a specific outcome, like intentionally losing to one of the related accounts. The most popular target of collusion schemes is online poker. However, it can also happen in other card games such as Blackjack. Sometimes, players collude to commit bonus fraud.

Chip dumping – is another type of multiple account fraud and another form of collusion. Such fraud attack is mostly used for money laundering. Criminals gamble online to deposit their funds to a bank account - as gaming winnings are legal earnings. Shortly saying chip dumping can be a way to pay for black market services.

New jurisdiction joining the family of the iGaming (local) licensing

iGaming Ontario (iGO), a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (ACGO), had announced that the Canadian province of Ontario is opening its legal iGaming market on April 4, 2022.

According to the guidance from the AGCO any operator that applies after April 4 but continues to operate in Ontario without a license from this point – or has an association with an operator that does so – “risks not having their application for registration approved”. Thus, Ontario had joined the Netherlands in requiring operators to exit its unregulated market if they wished to receive a license, while Germany, which opened its iGaming market on July 1, 2021, when German "Glücksspielstaatsvertrag" (State Treaty on Gambling) came into force, had has not such direct requirements to the operators.

Since 1clickgames intends to apply for a B2C license in Canada, Ontario, we have closed access from all of Canada to our websites registered under the Malta gaming authority (MGA) license, and access from Canada, Ontario province to our websites registered under the Curaçao license.

1clickgames has the MGA B2C gaming license issued on September 24, 2020, already, as well as we have applied also for Germany (Landesverwaltungsamt Sachsen-Anhalt) B2C gaming license on November 29, 2021. Therefore, the Canada, Ontario B2C license will be the 3rd B2C license of 1clickgames so far.