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How 1Click Games keeps Customer Service Quality on highest level

Customer Service Quality Assurance (QA)

Another unique content recently deployed was The Money Wheel game. Money Wheel is based on the American Roulette theme enhanced with Lottery flavor. Apart from placing a regular wager (like on number, column, row, etc.) in the Roulette, the game continues with a Bonus Ball Draw, giving the player a chance for an extra winning, depending on the configurable pay out range settings. The draw occurs every 4 minutes within 24 hours, 7 days per week, and it is fed with RNG results. Thus, the game handles 360 draws daily.

What is customer service quality assurance?

Customer service quality assurance is the practice of monitoring the quality of customer conversations. Regular conversation reviews help to measure and improve the team’s performance and overall support process.

1Click Games support team has its own QA rating categories that reflect our support goal and standards, including customer and business-critical criteria. All agent's conversations are monthly reviewed and scored. Agents receive their feedback and also overall recommendations on how to improve our services. All new agents' responses are reviewed before they are sent to customers to get practice and make sure an incomplete answer is sent to a customer.

It is also important to review interactions that received positive or negative feedback from customers, which helps us understand what drives customer satisfaction and what brings it down. That helps us to learn what to avoid to stop making the same mistakes repeatedly and which communication patterns to replicate to make more customers happy with our services. 1Click Games' customer satisfaction rate has grown up to 89% (average customer satisfaction in the Gambling industry is about 75%). We hope to not only keep this result but also try to improve it in the future because it is our main priority to provide our clients with qualitative, fast, and friendly service.

By choosing the 1Click Games support team to take care of your customers you can be sure it will be done with high standards and quality.

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Automating Fees for account inactivity

Managing inactive accounts by charging an inactivity fee is a time-consuming process, especially if we talk about more than 60 brands operating under different licenses. 1Click Games' goal is to automate internal customer management procedures and to make our services more automated and more efficient.

The time has come to automate the management of inactive customer accounts within the constantly increasing customers pool. Automated Inactivity Fee service allows to fully automate inactivity fee charges, based on configurable rules, which also allows adapting to any local markets and global license regulations. Notifications to customers about the upcoming fee charge and fee charge status emails are also in place.

Vendors' promotions

Did you know you are not permanently tied to the revenue share agreed for an exact game provider that you have signed in the contract? In the last 2 years, competition between game providers in the iGaming sector has spiked while the number of new studios that have appeared is counted in dozens. This makes the market cheaper for the operators as all these providers would like to compete against well-known and big providers, but the only way they can do that is by offering a low revenue share. But it's not that they do that directly and you get a very small revenue share percent in your agreement, you get industry average, but after that, you will be offered on average around 30-50% discount on the games you will decide to promote from these vendors, sometimes it can even reach 80%.

Usually, the discount is applied to the games you promote, but there are cases when this can be done across all games of the vendor. If you will promote only 1 or 2 games on your website - there are different promotion ways available, but the most common one is by showing their games on the Top/Hot pages, but you will get even more discounts by posting banners of the games/providers or creating special promotions for them.

In some cases, you can have a huge benefit out of that, in a case the promoted games are already very popular on your site.

Feel free to follow up with your Account Manager for the latest offers 1Click Games has to get your discount.