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1Click Games launches Community area and variable games RTP

Individual RTP for individual market

1Click Games platform works very closely with most well-known game providers in the industry and it has always been common knowledge for everyone that industry standard in terms of RTP are 96% for the game.

Direct integrations with game providers allow to bring the variation for this parameter where it can be used across different markets with different values. There are different case scenarios for that, how and when to use different RTP for the game, but there is definitely important one that everyone is talking about right now.

Usually, game providers been offering RTP for the games in the range of 92-96% (this is something that you can always request from your Account Manager using 1Click Games platform), but after introduction of German iGaming legislation, there was new value required to be able to work with German well know 5% gaming tax. So, most of the providers started to introduce 88% RTP. This is vital thing, without which, you will not be able to successfully operate on this market.

Also, having an option to change your RTP to lower than 96% can also give you flexibility for some other markets.

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1Click Games launches the new Community area across all sites

Most people like reading or listening to news in the areas where they feel an interest. As per global customers survey, we have launched across all our brands, about 80% of players like reading news in themes of gambling, including new games introductions, popular games tops, big prize lucky wins, as well as other useful articles about gameplay strategies, as well as games and game features guidelines.

In order to focus on the topics, where our customers have major interest, 1Click Games has launched the Community project. The project involves renovation of the old-fashioned News section, into the modern look and feel Community area. The pilot Community area is launched on the Spinpug site, where we also posted a number of articles with recommended game tops and big winning notifications. 1Click Games team continue working to offer more interesting articles for our customers, we well as to open the same areas on all our sites.

How we practice Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in Development

It is obvious how the early feedback is important in software development. Especially when it comes to complex solution for product evolvement. In such cases we are looking forward to practice MVP concept. MVP is described as the version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least amount of effort. Thus, this when we plan a small work effort as a hypothesis, validate it by developing an increment of the product, and then inspect our experiment’s results with feedback from customers or clients in order to adjust the original assumption.

The recent real-life example when we practised MVP was the delivery of our Back-office application for land-based shop operators and Screenshots generation application. The increments we released included the set of the requested MVP functionality but there was some pivotal feedback we needed. The feedback we received lead to some modifications and a minor change in direction. If we had waited until the full MVP was satisfied, we would have wasted more time and efforts.