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1Clickgames' enhanced CRM Targeting module

The first rule of CRM is knowing your audience and designing all promotions to find a response with those targeted customers. Once the target is selected and the promotions are launched, the marketing starts its action. To make sure that the promotional message reaches its selected audience, 1ClickGames has improved its CRM Targeting module to increase player retention and player engagement.

What is the 1ClickGames' Targeting module?

The 1ClickGames' CRM Targeting module can be an integral part of any business, compatible with all campaign types supported by the 1ClickGames platform: promo cash, bonus money, free spins, vouchers, and discounts. The module enables sophisticated segmentation and instant email notification, allowing the targeting of specific promotions or offers to one or multiple selected player groups.

Why is it important?

The module reaches a wider reach of players with the current promotions and enables gamification. It can be greatly used in the targeting of VIP level players, helping to ensure their engagement and retention. This helps to automatically check the customer account status, subscription, exclusion, and preferences before execution. It is a great way of following your players and helping them to continue their journey on your casino website.


Casino players require constant attention to ensure their retention. Usually they are separated in different segments, and to help marketing managers reach all the audiences, it is important to have tools that will help to target promotions to the current audience. 1ClickGames CRM Targeting module is a great solution that will help your team with customer coverage. Feel free to request a quote and our customer representative will contact you as soon as possible.