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Incremental games from 1ClickGames that work to retain casino players

We are constantly discovering clicker games in our everyday life. They are used on any type of website where the main goal is to retain clients. Promotions from supermarkets, lotteries, and prize draw ― sometimes we don’t even notice how we use them. Incremental games is a great way of boosting player excitement by providing a chance to win more, without forcing money transactions.

What are clicker or idle games?

Average clicker games are incremental games which gameplay consists of the player performing simple actions such as clicking on the screen repeatedly to earn prizes. The games are configured on a mortgaged base and can be used for client retention or even conversion in conjunction with marketing promotions. The main idea of this type of game is to attract and retain user attention by boosting their desire to continue the gameplay or earn coins, bonuses, etc. The clicker games gained popularity after the sensational Cookie Clicker game that was released in 2013 followed by analogs such as Cow Clicker and Candy Box.

The game that clicks

1ClickGames have created a winning idle game that has already been successfully integrated into one of the casino websites. Idle games fit the casino industry amazingly well as a good way to retain existing clients who are bored of average casino and live casino games. They create games to boost the player’s involvement and loyalty can be configured differently. The game gives players a chance to win gold coin, that they can later exchange for cash or game spins. Adjusting to the user’s behavior, idle games are a great solution for casino websites that not only keeps players' attention but also motivate them to play more and reach out for the games’ extras.


If you think that your existing casino website needs an interactive extension, then the incremental games from 1ClickGames are the best solution for your business. We can also create a brand-new casino website for you with all marketing promotions and clickers. So, if you are interested in retaining your players, please feel free to request a quote and our company’s’ representative will contact you as soon as possible.