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1Click Games' Sports and Lottery data feeds

1Click Games provides several data feeds in order to extend integration capabilities with external systems and provide more content distribution channels.

A data feed is an ongoing stream of structured data that provides users with updates of current information from one or more sources. 1Click Games’ data feeds may stream continuously or be delivered on demand. They make it possible to have new content or updates delivered to a computer or mobile device as soon as they are published. The same technologies we also use to supply data to 3rd party software.

Data feeds are often described in terms of their methods of delivery. RSS feeds, for example, use an XML-based file format to deliver content from multiple sources to users. An RSS aggregator or RSS reader allows the user to see summaries of all their feeds in one place. Atom, an alternative, open-source specification, provides similar functionality.

1Click Games uses different approaches for their feed:

  • Lottery winning numbers – XML-based file format
  • Lottery news – XML-based file format
  • Gaming News – RSS feed
  • TOP Games – RSS feed
  • Recent winners – XML-based file format
  • Sportsbook Odds feed, statistics, live scouting data – XML-based file format (3rd parties)

1Click Games continues to increases the amount of data provided via data feeds. In the nearest weeks all current 1Click Games operators will be introduced to distribution of promotions in real-time.

If you are interested in data feeds or other services provided by 1Click Games, please fill short form on the Home page and our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.