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Publishing your games on 1Click Games’ platform

Game developers cannot access their audiences because the competition is huge nowadays. Based on 1Click Games estimation, market could propose the access to over ten thousand professional online games.

1Click Games strongly believes that every game developer has great games with a lot of competitive advantages starting from mathematics, graphics, sounds, and new features. We also understand that not every game developer has the opportunity to prove it, since accessing right segments of their audiences is so hard right now.

1Click Games platform solves these issues and allows game developers to compete and easily publish their games, making them available for operators.

1Click Games platform Open integration API allows game developers to finish integration of games in less than one week to then promote it to the pull of 1Click Games operators, by providing special exclusive conditions like different price models, or set of promotions.

1Click Games collects the statistic and provides the feedback to game developers about performance in comparison with the best hits of appropriate operators and appropriate market.

1Click Games platform allows game providers to find the best niche/market for their games. It also proves the niches with analytical data and keeps games there before expansion to the next niche/market.

Soon 1Click Games will finish a new version of AI module, which will significantly decrease the period of TTM. The main goal is to deliver, introduce, promote, and establish the market of games fans. AI will automatically and constantly push game expansion and will also generate some advices for game developers in order to improve their games.

If you are interested in products and services provided by 1Click Games, or would like your games to be published on 1Click Games platform, please fill short form on the Home page and our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.