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The advantages of making a sportsbook as your gambling business

Starting a gambling business is a very important decision, especially the direction you wish to take. The variety of gambling is huge: lotteries, casino games, live dealer games, and sportsbook. In this article we will discuss the advantages of focusing your business in the sportsbook direction. Sportsbook is a huge gaming world where sports and gambling merge to create a whole new industry.

Sports for everyone

One of the main advantages of starting a sportsbook is that the sportsbook involves many different kinds of sports. In the past the range of sports wasn't distinguished by its diversity, but nowadays each player can find a sport to bet on. Also, the sports industry includes a lot of different world-famous events, like the Olympic games, Tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and ATP World Cup, winter sports tournaments and different world-cup championships, all guaranteed to arouse people's interest.

Welcome to the new sports types

Besides the well-known sports, there are new types of sport, that attract mostly young players. The e-sports is an interesting category of games. Who knew, 15 years ago, that playing computer games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends or StarCraft would bring thousands of dollars. The e-sports are quite popular and adding them to the sportsbook could be a great decision. Looking at the statistics, the age of e-sports players are usually aged between 18-24 and 25-34 years old, which means attracting a lot of new younger players.

Fast integration

If the longevity of sportsbook integration is the only thing that stops you from adding this business, then 1ClickGames has great news for you. Our company can create a sportsbook website in only four weeks. That's a fully launched licensed sportsbook solution, with integrated payment systems, games from top-providers and ready-to-help customer support live chat. No worries, no waiting, just a ready solution for your successful business.

Marketing tools for Sportsbook

The second benefit of Sportsbook is a huge range of marketing tools and affiliate programs. These great tools bring traffic of players, willing to try out your new sportsbook website and bet on their favorite sports. 1ClickGames can offer a ready solution for marketing promotions that will improve your business.


Sportsbook is a great monetary investment, that will bring profit. To save time and focus on the results, 1ClickGames offer to create a partnership and, in four weeks, you will receive a fully packed and personally designed sportsbook. Please feel free to request a quote and discuss the possibility of cooperation. Our company representative will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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