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The reasons why 2019 is the perfect year to start an online casino

A long time ago online gambling conquered popularity compared to the land-based analogs. Nowadays opening an online casino is much easier, faster and profitable. The technologies have improved, the market is full of ready solutions and has made business development strategies. 1ClickGames will lead you to 5 reasons why it is time to start your online casino right now and not wait any longer.

Growing the online casino market

For the past several years the online gambling market has experienced rapid growth. Relative maturity of markets – land-based gambling is mature with little opportunity for underlying growth. Online gambling is in its adolescence and is still experiencing growth for several reasons. Compared to land-based casino expenses, online casino does not require a physical location for customers and other expenses that results in a lower margin. The Gross Gaming Yield, over an 8-year period, shows that online betting has increased by 212%, online casino has increased by 203%, offline casino only by 46% and online bingo has increased by 278%, when offline betting has decreased by 15% and land-based bingo has declined by 15%.

New market horizons

During the past few years, the gambling industry started to regulate more markets, compared to the situation that was, for example, five years ago. The regulations have opened new markets for business, that can be considered a huge advantage. Today one of the most developing markets is in South Africa and Brazil.

The variety of gaming products

The second reason is the variety of gaming products , that can be integrated into the casino websites: slots, table games, arcade, jackpot, live casino, scratch games, sportsbooks, and VR-games. The spectrum of games continues to grow daily, so finding the appropriate products is easy. Thanks to industry growth, each casino website can become unique by using different products and games.

Customer search

Compared to the marketing strategies that are used with the land-based casinos, the online casino has many more channels to create adverts. There is when digital marketing takes place. Sometimes companies use the affiliate programs to promote the casino. Many ready casino-solution companies also offer a ready marketing strategy solution. A further advantage of the online casino is that the consumer coverage is much higher due to the casino availability through the smartphones and tablets, that leans to the new customer engagement channels.

Industrial opportunities

In recent years, the gambling industry reached a new level and created their community. Hundreds of gambling events and exhibitions occur over years, in which companies participate that are related to the industry: casino software developers, game developers, affiliates, etc. To find business partners, like-minded people it is beneficial to visit thematic events.

It takes just one click to create a casino

The major advantage of the online casino is the opportunity of fast-launching. 1ClickGames has a ready solution that is able to create its casino just in one day. No need to wait two or three months before the business can start, only one day is enough before the process can start. A successful business is only one click away.

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