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Virtual sports as a lifesaver for classic sportsbooks in 2020

Sports have always been of interest to people, and with the advent of sports betting, interest in these gambling activities has started to grow faster. According to history, sports betting is one of the oldest gambling activities, and the whole history from horse racing to sports betting software can be found here.

According to the latest world events, including the reversal of the Summer Olympic Games in China, the postponement of the World Hockey Championship and many other events, the sports tote is not in the strongest positions right now. This will lead to a reduction of the number of casino players who specialize only in sports betting, but there is a way to stay afloat and attract new customers using virtual sports. In this article, 1Click Games will talk about what virtual sport is and how it can become a real lifesaver for your casino, or it will be a great idea for a new gaming project.

What are virtual sports?

Thanks to new technologies and innovations, virtual sports have expanded their audience and are not something new now. Today virtual sports are available in almost every sportsbook and open up new opportunities for betting.

Virtual sports were inspired by real sporting events and emerged from fantasy sports. As early as in the second half of the 20th century, various virtual sports programs based on a random number generator began to be created. Over time and through the development of technology and graphics, these games have changed and become popular around the world.

Virtual sports are a simulation of real sports, with all your favorite games in a new version. Sports teams play according to the existing rules of real sports disciplines. The game works on the basis of artificial intelligence, which analyzes the individual characteristics of participants, for example in virtual football - endurance, physical parameters, injuries, etc. The outcome of such games is always determined by a random number generator. Such sports were created exclusively for betting, because unlike real sports, in the virtual world, bets can be placed at any time, regardless of the schedule of real competitions and matches. These games provide an opportunity to watch your favorite teams and types of disputes and see all of this in realistic animation.

Virtual sports get all generations

marketing in gaming

Virtual sports are a mixture of computer games and classic sports betting. That is why this type of gambling is popular both among millennials and among other generations, especially young people. Although most young people are attracted to eSports, namely sports betting on various computer game competitions, such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch and others.

The advantages of virtual sports

Virtual sports have many advantages, the main thing is accessibility. If a real sporting event is influenced by many factors, such as bad weather and snowfall during downhill skiing, strong winds when ski jumping or an epidemic of diseases that displace or cancel the competition, then nothing affects virtual sport. Therefore, there is no need to wait for the time of the game, to bet in virtual sports and this opportunity is available to all operators because virtual sports have now begun to turn from additional income for the casino into a reliable choice.

What virtual sports solution does 1Click Games offer?


1Click Games always acts as a reliable partner in the online business, among all solutions, that our company offers is also a sportsbook. You can read more about the benefits of implementing this platform in your business here. The sportsbook offered by our company also includes virtual sports, namely: Virtual Football Pro, Virtual Football League, Virtual Football Penalty Kicks, Virtual Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Virtual cycling, and Virtual marble racing. The number of games is increasing, along with demand. Virtual sport has become relevant in connection with the spread of coronavirus, which has badly affected the sports industry.

Innovative sportsbook software

Sportsbook software offers over 40,000 events with over 50 sports every month. The software includes the full functionality of bonuses and management tools for customer relationships, such as a banner system and marketing campaigns. 1Click Games provides support for various currencies, has built-in tools for risk management and field settings. The sportsbook works great on mobile devices for better accessibility to players and does not require any additional support in the form of additional applications.

1Click Bet has a very short integration time and can appear in your casino in a few days. The platform is also licensed and does not require any additional connections with bookmakers. It provides you with complete information on the effectiveness of relevant business processes with detailed reports on sports, league, country, client, VIP level, etc. It is ideal for existing sports bookmaker operators seeking to reduce operating costs, as well as for developing iGaming companies who want to add a sports betting product to their current lineup.


1Click Games as a provider of premium gambling solutions offers a sportsbook for you to consider adding to your existing business. If you don’t have a sportsbook yet, now is the time to purchase it to enable your players to continue the familiar game, but with virtual sports. 1Click Bet sportsbook software is a licensed solution for successful sports betting business, that can be integrated with a rich and simple interface of the world’s most popular iGaming product. 1Click Bet sports betting platform works easily on any device. Players can access all types of devices - phone, tablet, laptop or computer. More information about our sportsbook software can be found here. If you are interested in adding a 1Click Bet sports betting platform to your casino or creating a new sportsbook project, feel free to request a quote and our company representative will contact you as soon as possible.