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1Click CMS capabilities: Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing is considered to be highly effective, especially when it comes to online businesses. This is a well-established way of attracting customers using various holidays as an occasion to offer additional offers, regardless of whether it is a personal holiday of the client (such as a birthday) or public - Christmas, Easter, etc. 1Click Games, in anticipation of the Easter holidays, have decided to devote this article to the theme of holiday marketing and its effective use in the gaming industry.

The Holiday Marketing Goals

By providing unique marketing offers for a particular holiday, companies can increase revenue and increase their brand loyalty. Online casino sites can use the same method, presenting their players with unique promotions. There are a number of reasons why such promotions are popular and cause great excitement among players, and why they are great for the companies themselves:

• Raises Marketing Standards

For holiday marketing, specially designed e-mail newsletters, SMS promo, and many other tools are used to create personalized and relevant messages to grab the attention of users. For example, players on casino sites have long been accustomed to receiving a large number of newsletters and offers, so companies have to improve their communication skills to reach their target audience.

• Mutual benefits between casinos and players

Holiday marketing in the casino industry is a great opportunity for both parties to gain benefits. For players - bonuses, free spins or additional benefits, and for a casino - this is a great opportunity to increase the average deposit, customer loyalty, and conversion.

• Creative development

The fact is that attracting people to play in a casino during any holiday is incredibly difficult, so the casino should not only offer players a bonus in the newsletter but also give them the necessary incentive that will lead them to the gaming site. To achieve this, the marketing department usually comes up with incredible ideas that no one could have thought of before, thus developing both the employees and the brand.

1Click CMS that will help to develop the best holiday marketing

1Click Games, as creators of advanced technologies in the gambling industry, suggest using 1Click CMS to create your own casino or sportsbook. 1Click CMS offers a huge range of features for content editing, website navigation, and website content management. The CMS is the real heart of the website, that will ease all marketing processes and will offer a huge opportunity variation like using a special tool for holiday marketing, creating a falling snow effect during Christmas season or adding special holiday elements for a chosen occasion, for example, add a game section with all Easter games for a more festive player mood. 1Click Games continue to improve and add new features to help managers to improve their existing casino websites. Here are several advantages of 1Click CMS:

• It provides full control over visible and hidden content

• Includes the possibility of cross-selling and allows you to visually interact with players at any stage

• Collects all the necessary information about the player to identify their interests

• Has unlimited content management capabilities for all operating systems and device types

More information about the 1Click CMS can be found here. This tool from 1Click Games is a great opportunity to take your existing gaming business to the next level. Your marketing can sparkle with new colors when you can introduce all your planned marketing promotions and manage content easily and simply, without requiring a large number of employees. 1Click Games will also provide the necessary training to use any of its products, so your improved business is now just one click away.


Great marketing for a casino is half the success. Brand recognition, customer loyalty, and well-built bonus system is the key to success. To become the best, you need to use the best products. 1Click Games invites you and your business to reach new heights with our great range of products. So, don’t hesitate to request a quote and together we will achieve success and your goals. After requesting a quote, our company representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss future cooperation opportunities. Your dream casino – one click away.