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What Are Bonuses And Which Ones To Choose For Your New White-Label Casino

Bonus marketing can play a huge role in attracting traffic and the growth of a player base in a new online casino. Your bonuses and other campaigns are your important sales tools, often the only ones. They have a powerful ability to make you stand out from your competition, which often plays a crucial role in whether an end-user will choose or continue using your product over someone else. A massive amount of online casino sales tools is being offered on the market right now, such as bonus money, free spins, cashback, tournaments, loyalty schemes, refer-a-friend deals, and quests. Having all of them at the same time might seem like an oversaturation. But if they are used correctly, you will satisfy the needs of more players and will cover more stages of the customers' journey - acquisition, conversion, and retention.

If we talk about the fundamentals and how to choose the best CRM marketing setup for your new online casino, remember the ‘three elephants’ that hold the whole casino bonus world:

  • Signup offer. This is an important acquisition tool that, if used correctly, will allow you to generate traffic much easier, especially at the initial stages after the launch and during the early development of your business. Bait can be a reward for the creation of an account, for signing up for a newsletter, or for a small payment. The point of bait is not only to attract but also to showcase your product and provide a glimpse of what customers should expect if they roll in for the full price.

  • Welcome offer. This is your conversion tool, your showcase offer, and your fundamental sales pitch for the first ‘full price’ deposit. It’s what your affiliate partners will sell and what your acquisition banners will show. It is a starting point from which all your down-sells, upsells, and exclusive offers will develop later on. In the online casino world, it’s called a ‘Welcome Bonus’ and sometimes a ’1st Deposit Bonus’, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be offered only on the very first deposit. For example, it can be a package of bonuses and/or free spins tied to the first four deposits. Since we are talking about the minimal set and we assume that retention bonuses are not made yet, better to cover more deposits.

  • Retention program. That is how you will keep your paying customers and make them stick around. You can do regular mail-outs and target all your depositors with reload bonuses, and that should do the trick with your subscribed users. But early on, when you would like to focus more on generating traffic for your new online casino, it’s better to have an automated loyalty program, which will reward your player for sticking around and motivate them to stick around longer. Instead of a loyalty program, a level-based cash back program, or/and a recurring tournament, also can work well.

There are thousands of ways to do your online casino marketing and every one of them can find its niche. The safe way is to investigate the competition and replicate their approach. The other way is to investigate the competition but make your offers stand out of the crowd, that way surprising your potential clients. Either way, a competitive analysis has to be performed and competitor offers have to be considered. Competition changes and evolves all the time, so more tools and solutions might be required. 1Click Games fully covers today's online casino operators' marketing needs and constantly adds new features and tools to help operators push their KPIs.

Unlike the other white label online casino software companies, 1Click Games not just launches fully operational new gaming businesses in record-setting time. It also launches a fully automated, competitive, and compliant marketing program designed by virtue of many years of experience in the industry and observation of market trends. This allows our newly launched operators, especially those without experience and a big team, to fully focus on the primary task - attracting traffic and growing the players' base. By participating in 1Click Games’ training sessions and webinars, they learn everything they need to market their website in a regulated market, how to be competitive, and what are the latest trends. Our marketing team is in touch to inform them about working sales funnels, new marketing models, and how to optimize their initial marketing program for better conversions and a unique identity.

Launch your white-label online casino with 1Click Games and receive a fully automated and operational retention system starting from day 1. Focus on the primary task of any new online casino - finding traffic. Leave the rest to 1Click Games staff until you generate enough revenue to build your own team.