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How to choose trusted game providers for your turnkey or white label casino

Before launching your own casino you choose the market, which you would like to target and after that comes not less important step, where you have to get the content for the target market. It is also very important for the players to see on the site games they like, as per our statistics one customer plays one exact list of games and rarely changes their habit. This brings us to the point, where casino have to offer widest range of the games to keep on the site as many players as possible.

Popular and well-known casino game providers

First and the most important criteria will be the list of trusted and well-know game providers, that you have to get deal with and integrate into your casino, this will be the first thing your customers will see in your casino. Getting the best of the best from iGaming industry will bring more trust for your site. Currently, there are more than 25,000 games available on the market from categories such as video slots, table games, live games, skill games, bingo, lottery and so on, so you have to know, what you are looking for.

Games certificates for the market

Your second criteria will be the certification availability for the market you have chosen as your main target. It is important to check the list of the games that are certified for different markets, as game providers tend to have different lists available for different markets.

Game providers commercial offers

Last, but not least, your third criteria, it will be the terms provided by the software providers, such as pricing, security features and marketing offers. Going with the direct deal with game provider will solely rely on your ability to negotiate and game providers policies, but for the start-ups pricing is quite fixed and in some cases you even will be charged setup fee, so the main difference will come from the fee of aggregation platform your will choose to get the content delivered to your casino.

How to pick the best proposal?

Well, initially on the start, take the content without any setup fees, because as start up, you do not have clear picture, what demand will be for this content. Also, try to avoid Monthly Minimums, quite popular in the agreements with big game providers, but this also might be negotiated by promoting their content. Speaking about revenue share, it will be hard for you to get the best deal on the start without any numbers to show to the game provider, with high revenue share, you will not lose anything, if there will be low GGR, but if there will be high GGR numbers, you are always able to reach the game provider and negotiate the numbers. So let’s sum up:

  • No setup fees
  • No Monthly minimum fees
  • Revenue share is not significant at the beginning

1Click Games iGaming platform offering

With 1Click Games solution you are getting offered complete package without any additional hustle doing all the checks for the list above. Everything is included - More than 10 thousand of games of such types as video slots, live games, roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat, lottery, skill games and more. No any additional setup fees or monthly minimums required when launching your site, with the most competitive revenue share deals for the most popular game providers. All this, will come together with the integrated marketing module, allowing you to do all the possible marketing with the content you get.

Most of iGaming competition have very similar proposal since good games providers already used by everyone. Competition is mainly based on revenue share percentage and setup fees. 1Click Games takes one of the lowest platform fee percent on the market, allowing you to get the content cheaper than from other platforms.

Additional competitive advantage of 1Click Games is that we have different packages for you to offer:

  • Basic you get up to 500 casino games that you can use for a really narrow market, where not much providers are present.
  • Balanced you get more than 5000 casino games and live casino to suit the needs most of the casino players on the market.
  • Premium you get more than 5000 casino games, live casino and sportsbook solution in once place.

German markets specifics

After introduction of local gambling legislation, list of the available games decreased for the German market by 4 times, as there are too many requirements from German regulator. Getting gaming content for the German market will require you to specifically check for the availability of the exact games for Germany. At the moment 1Click Games provide more than 200 games for German market, where each of them are certified with all the requirements: 1 Euro maximum bet, 5 seconds spin, no autoplay and of course 88% RTP to cover German gaming tax.

To sum up, it can be seen as a lot of work for the start-up that will make you lose a lot of time. This is where 1Click Games solution will save you a lot of time and bring it’s expertise on the table by offering a full-service software provider package with more than 5,000 games available on the platform.