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Monitoring of activities, Responsible Gaming and conversion of inactive affiliates

Monitoring of activities is the key to controlling your players

You might have had a chance to check that 1Click Games CRM reporting has enriched its tools with a detailed Activity Audit Log, which we continue to extend with new event types. Monitoring of player activities and platform services is an extremely important thing to do. This allows you to perform activity tracking per every single player, as well as have a common view of platform and site services usage.

Usage of our Activity Audit Log allows you to have a centralized record of events that have occurred between your gambling business and players. The log provides the common view of automatic services, player activities on-site, as well as operator actions with each player account. This also creates detailed track records on all events, demanded by regulatory authorities’ audit, such as requests to pass the KYC procedure, KYC flow statuses, approval of the source of income, and setting up gambling limits. Tracking all the key events increases the business security and allows monitoring player journey over the account lifetime.

During the past months, we also updated the Comments section to make it easier for you to segment and search records about player activities, added by different departments. This makes our system more transparent both for business insiders and external auditors and creates a single viewpoint to all activities related to each single player account, as well as a view on services used across the whole platform.

The Importance of Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling is one of the most important aspects of playing online as it significantly affects the way players gamble. So, we want to make everything in our power to ensure a player's experience with us will be unforgettable as well as devoid of any serious incidents that could take him away from his source of endless fun.

Education is a big part of responsible gaming, especially when it comes to understanding what problem gaming involves. These include understanding the patterns of behavior that problem gamers tend to display, understanding the symptoms of problem gambling, and all the ways to prevent it from happening.

With this knowledge in mind, we'll be able to recognize any problematic behavior and provide our help. Also, what is most important is to be able to recognize the difference between unsatisfied players and gamblers to retain those who could be kept and to prevent possible gambling issues.

Lately, more often players are trying to use customer support incompetence and open disputes to receive a refund of the used funds. We have managed to win all of those kinds of disputes as our customer support is well trained and is using useful scripts for different cases.

All our Customer Support team members are participating in the annual training program created by us and dedicated to responsible gaming in our industry. With our support team, you can be sure that all actions will be taken in accordance with legal requirements. Which lead to a reduced amount of possible complaints and a more secure environment for Casino players. The training program, as well as the scripts, could be shared with our customers by request.

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How to convert inactive affiliates?

When some time has passed, after your affiliate base has accumulated, the question arises, how to convert inactive affiliates?

Here are the main methods are known to our team.

The commission grows depending on the number of First Time Depositors

Most casinos work according to a similar scheme - the more depositors an affiliate brings in per month, the more % of the commission he receives. It's fair and motivating.

Bonus commission on the affiliate account

If the affiliate has not been active for some time, for reactivation, you can add some kind of bonus balance to the affiliate’s account. For example, 20 Euros of bonus balance is charged to the affiliate's account, with a minimum withdrawal of 100 Euros per month (if the affiliate has not earned a minimum 100 Euro, bonus expires).

Sending original newsletters and NPS surveys

Original or non-standard mailings can remind the affiliate about your casino or your affiliate program. Also, the NPS questionnaire will help you find your weaknesses or problems in the platform and help you fix them.

Providing information about Success cases

It is very important to inform your partners about the most successful deals, with the help of this you can reactivate or motivate not active affiliates. It is not necessary to share all the details, but the main figures should be indicated.

Offer to change the deal (increase Revenue share % or switch from Revenue share to CPA or Hybrid)

The standard deal we have with our partners is the Revenue share, but in some cases, to reactivate an already seemingly lost affiliate, you can offer special conditions for a limited time.

When working with affiliates, it is very important to be aware of all the latest innovations and industry trends, then you will speak the same language with your partners and they will actively send you traffic.