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1Click Games expanding ways of reaching customers

How One Popup at The Right Time Can Dramatically Improve Retention

Have you seen our new popup and its triggers? Sometimes popups can be annoying, but they also can be very effective tools if executed correctly. Find out how you might be not communicating at all with a big portion of your customer base.

What is your email subscription rate and how do you retain your non-subscribed customers? Our investigation last year has shown that up to half of website users are opting not to submit their consent to receive emails, SMS, or push notifications. While the right banners, game positioning, and different widgets all are crucial to your average session length, those are not designed to instantly react to anything a player does on site. If you don't provide the right message at the right time, you might lose your visitor and you will have no compliant means to bring him back if he is not subscribed.

Our new popups allow triggering instant messages on changes in bonus and real money balances, on authorization, or a visit to the site. They support segmentation by an affiliate, tag, country, deposits made, whether the customer has a bonus or not. This new functionality has shown great synergy with automated emails, promotions, banners, and tags. They work seamlessly on both Desktop and Mobile. They don't disrupt the gaming flow, look clean, and provide various formatting options.

Start using our new popups and increase your on-site retention rate. Remind your players about upcoming or expiring campaigns, notify them about their status changes, drop them freebies when they face a losing streak, or surprise them with an exclusive bonus offer.

Feel free to request a demo from us if you want to know more, or would like to start using the new popups.

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Key benefits of KYC automation

Know Your Customer (KYC) identity and address verification is a vital procedure for licensed casino businesses in the scope of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) procedures. The purpose of KYC is to eliminate the risk of potentially illegal activities, such as underage gambling, usage of duplicate accounts, as well as misuse of payment services by way of identity theft, anti-money laundering, and fraudulent financial transactions.

Manual KYC checks are a very time-consuming procedure, involving both communications with customers when requesting document scans, as well manual document checks while looking for inconsistent and suspicious data. Not only does this take a lot of time but it's highly vulnerable to human error.

Automated KYC verification offers a significant range of advantages for clients & business procedures optimization when compared to manual verification.

Cost- & time-efficient

Automatic KYC verification takes no longer than several minutes compared to a time-consuming manual KYC procedure, which is hardly affected by human resources. Automated ID verification service also has the added benefit of running 24/7 with no downtime.

Faster onboarding

Fully automated ID verification enables customers to create an account that can be verified instantaneously. This is especially critical for licensed markets, where KYC verification is a mandatory procedure for customer onboarding.

Minimized risk and safety

Automated KYC / CDD processes allow checking customer ID trustworthiness against thousands of databases including fraudster checks, PEP, and international sanction lists. This also minimizes the risk of errors caused by human mistakes or oversights.

Our platform is maturing with automated KYC and PEP/Sanctions verification services, through traditional documents upload and manual checks are still allowed. Automated KYC services can be offered both for targeted player groups (like depositors, high-risk players, etc) or for all players upon their onboarding on the site. Automation of routine KYC procedures allowed to use of human resources more effectively and decreased the time of identity verification.

Winolla Casino was chosen as “Casino of the Month“ by

We are happy to announce that in March 2022 Winolla Casino was chosen as Casino of the Month by

During the process of determining the Casino of the Month, their experts take into account several important factors like level of service, variety of games, bonus program, work of the support service, and so on. The fact that our casino brand was chosen as the casino of the month means that we are moving in the right direction, and our work is greatly appreciated by our partners.

Make your business safe with the help of control over minimal and maximal stakes

Limitation of minimal and maximum stakes is the common practice for online casinos, aiming the casino to have better control over their gross gaming revenue, so an extremely big payout in one game could not wipe out all casino profits. Limitations of stakes also allow protecting the casino against the players who are seeking ways to get a higher payout in a game, while playing with top stakes or increasing their stakes continuously using the unfavorable wagering strategies.

Game software providers ensure the limitation of minimal and maximum stakes inside their games, but this may not serve as a universal solution for iGaming platforms, which use the same game instances across different brands.

1Click Games platform offers the universal solution for managing Betting Limits, which allows controlling maximum and minimum wagering amplitude targeted to different game categories, providers, or specific games, which can be configured across different brands. Also, it is possible to set up targeted betting limits per player segment, both for offering better wagering limits for specific players or limiting wagering activities for suspicious player accounts. Usage of stake limits ensures fair play for all players and better control over casino expenses.

Quick access to the BI

1Click Games have one of the most advanced iGaming platforms in the gambling industry. Our platform allows you to generate reports and see all KPIs you need to have a successful iGaming business.

In our current lifestyle, we do a lot of things on the go and we are not 100% of the time sitting in front of the PCs. Sometimes we would like to have quick access to the data on the phone, but any platform will require you to open the browser and login into your account to generate the report and have summary data for the period.

At 1Click Games, we have predicted such cases and already made it possible to have such data available on the go and per request. All you need to access it is any modern messenger installed on your phone. You should always be sure, that your business keeps growing and generating revenue - you will be able to see the data and graphs just in a matter of seconds and with just 1 command.

If you are already an operator which is using the 1Click Games platform and require such quick reports, feel free to request such functionality from your Account Manager. If you are not an operator yet and would like to become one, request a quote down below for the white label or turnkey solution.