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How to start your casino business in iGaming

How to select and identify popular games for your target market?

Most part of game providers have hundreds of games available for regular jurisdictions such as Curacao, Malta and UK. When integrating game providers, you will get all their gambling content with a lot of categories such as Slots, Arcades, Table, Crash and other games. This means that you will have a wide range of the gambling content for your markets. But how you can properly promote it and give your customers the content they want?

This is where game providers come for the help. Any reliable and respectful game provider will provide you almost with any data they have to improve your numbers and their games positioning. Game providers are able, per your request, generate a lot of data about their games and how they perform for the exact market, exact currency by stakes, spins count and other metrics. So when going live for the market, you can adjust the positioning of the games to suit your audience's needs. You can do this by selecting games with the highest staked amount or highest spins count. These are 2 parameters that identify that games are popular. We recommend using data not older than 3 months, as the tendency of iGaming market quickly changes, especially of quickly growing popularity of crash games.

There is another question that comes up: How do I know which game providers perform the best on the selected market? Here you will need the help of your gaming platform you are using, as only the gaming platform has data across over hundred game providers and dozens of operators in one place. Your platform provider also will provide you the list of game providers performance by staked amount or spins count made in the games for you to decide.

Combining these two data sheets from both game provider and gaming platform, you will see the complete picture of which games have to be shown for the customers in a first place coming from the exact markets. This information even will allow you to create landing pages, as there are some markets where 1 game of game provider is way ahead of any other game of the same game provider.

At 1Click Games, you can request this information from your dedicated Account Manager and get this information available to you within hours.

How to build a successful team in gambling

The success of an online casino requires a team of reliable people. It takes time and money to start a gambling project, but the whole effort can be easily ruined if a single factor goes wrong: poor customer service, low-quality products, or inefficient marketing. The gambling industry demands a higher level of precision and delicacy than many others, therefore you will need a team of iGaming professionals. Luckily, the iGaming industry is big and getting bigger, and as cultural stigmas against gambling lessen over time, the pool of talent we can choose to work with only grows. Successful recruitment gives you the opportunity to entrust your project to professionals, who can handle daily processes and problem-solve for you, so you won’t waste time on daily operations, and free up time for planning and development.

If an online casino is an independent project, a greater number of employees working in various departments will be required. The size of the team is what makes recruitment for online casinos so important, and operators often struggle at this stage.

Who should be on the team:

  • **C-level management** handles the whole company's development and decides in the owners’ interests.
  • **Management and team leaders** organize their subordinates’ workflow in a way to achieve management goals.
  • **Team members** execute daily tasks depending on their level. They attend to routine needs that need to be taken care of, constantly maintaining high standards of quality.

Here is a guide to necessary teams for your online casino project:

For a White Label online casino, where technical and financial support is provided by a platform developer, only a minimum of employees is needed: a manager, a technical customer assistant, account managers, and an accountant.

When planning your team, you should also think about your target markets, as some of them require specific language knowledge. While in most countries the gambling industry manages English, the new German gambling law requires German-speaking staff not only in your customer support team but also German-speaking Key-managers.

1Click Games team comprises highly proficient iGaming professionals, who have worked in this industry for years, including German-speaking team members, to reach new standards for our target market. We have comprehensive payment solution options and can easily adapt to market changes. Our customer support team gets the highest customer satisfaction rate in the market (our customer satisfaction rate has grown up to 89% when the average customer satisfaction in the Gambling industry is about 75%). Our Anti-fraud department is working with advanced systems and policies to make our performance fully complained and safe. Our technical team has a rich experience in gambling software development. Also, we have all the needed reporting tools to analyze data and improve a casino's performance.

We are ready to take over the maintenance of an online casino and save your time and money for building a team from scratch.