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How To Calculate Beneficial Bonus Conditions for Your Online Casino

The standard or mandatory conditions of a casino bonus, supported by all casino platform suppliers, are as follows:

The conditions above usually smart bonus players check before committing with their real money deposit, so you always want to be a little more attractive than your competition. However, there are mathematical limits to what you should use. Use the formula below to check the profitability of your casino bonus.

Let’s say you come up with a 100% bonus up to $100 with x30 wagering requirements applied both on bonus and a deposit. The calculation will be:

€100 + €100 (deposit + bonus) x 30 (wager requirements) = €6000 (the total staked amount necessary to complete the requirements). the average RTP (Return to Player) in slots makes about 97%, so €6000 * 3% = €180 (the part that will stay with the casino). The €180 is higher than the initial €100 bonus credited. It means that, on average, the player will lose the bonus balance before completing the wagering requirements.

With free spins, the bonus amount will be the value of free spins = Amount of Spins x Bet x Game’s RTP. The rest calculation will remain the same.

To keep your marketing effective and not overspend, your bonuses should make up about 20-30% of your GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue). Including your acquisition costs, the total marketing expenses should not exceed 50-60%.

Unfortunately, casino bonuses also attract bonus abusers and they become smarter with every year. Standard conditions are not enough anymore and even if you check all players’ accounts before they withdraw their winnings, sometimes it does not undo the harm already done. Also, you want to withdraw the winnings of your customers as fast as possible, to keep your customer happy and willing to return. Therefore, 1Click Games has developed automated control systems that can track, detect, and act instantly. These optional bonus conditions not only reduce the risks for the operator but also reduce the risks for customers, not allowing them to break the rules of bonus by mistake and lose their winnings:

  • Maximum bonus bet, which will keep bonus users from exceeding the maximum allowed bet while having a bonus on their account.
  • Bonus weighting per up to every game, making some risky games contribute less than 100% towards completion of wagering requirements.
  • Restricted/allowed games - quickly and easily remove unwanted games from the pool of bonus games, or limit all bonus gameplay to a particular type/s of the game.
  • Maximum bonus claims - limit how many times the particular bonus offer can be used, or on which days of the week. Once not available, the offer will be removed for the user until available again.
  • Maximum win amount - limit the maximum amount in currency the player can redeem once successfully finishing the wagering requirements of the bonus.
  • Restriction of some or all bonuses/marketing campaigns from certain geo/affiliates/player tags with low LTV.
  • Restriction of some or all bonus offers from accounts suspected in multi-accounting, for example, refusal to grant signup bonuses to accounts who register on a device that was already used to access the website.
  • Various comprehensive reports in the CRM allow for tracking of performance and effectiveness of bonus campaigns in real-time.

Launch your white-label online casino with 1Click Games and receive a comprehensive set of tools to create effective and low-risk bonus campaigns, including various automated security systems that will allow keeping bonus expenses under control. Decrease the time necessary to review player winnings and to process withdrawals, improving player loyalty and retention at the same time.