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1Click Games Successfully Launches its First Cryptocurrency Online Casino

Goal: To launch a cryptocurrency only online casino website that will support ZipettCoin and have the same functionality as a FIAT casino.

Challenges: The uniqueness of is in its games supporting only ZipettCoin, which has to be integrated with the website’s payment gateway and added to all requested gaming products – casino, sportsbook, poker, and live casino. The website’s payment system also has to be able to convert incoming FIAT deposits via developed exchange and transfer them to the clients' accounts in ZipettCoin.


  • To provide a quality service and make bets in ZipettCoin possible.
  • To integrate ZipettCoin cryptocurrency into games, so each game on the website automatically provide bets in cryptocurrency.
  • To develop an exchange that allows clients to convert their FIAT deposits into ZipettCoin and transfer them to the website.
  • To design a new website to match the crypto theme.

Results: All challenges were successfully overcome and in promised industry-leading month was released in its test mode. Everything performed well and looked great and a short time later was launched.

Summary: Fully functioning website has met all the requirements of the client, integration of the cryptocurrency, converting premium gaming products, and an integrated currency exchange to perform the same functions as a fully-featured online gaming site. The website design looks great and integrated live chat is operational to provide clients with the assistance.