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From idea to reality. How to start an online casino with 1Click Games?

The idea of creating a casino from scratch is a really important step which takes a lot of commitment and skill to do quickly and in the right way. If you are thinking about requesting a quote on our website, but you are unsure what the process involves, then this article will seek to answer the most frequently asked questions. The first thing that you as a client should do is identify the product that you want to see in your casino.

1Click games offers a wide range of different products – a unified platform, casino, sportsbook, lottery engine, and responsive CMS. Each product has its unique value and mode of application for each and every customer’s needs. After choosing the right product for your business you should request a quote on our website, indicating the product you are interested in and writing a brief description of your special needs or wishes.

At the earliest convenience, a 1Click Games company representative will contact you to discuss, in detail, your needs and how we can help you achieve them. After the discussion a future work plan will be created, detailing all necessary information and costs. After an agreement has been reached, both sides will start their work. Then after four short weeks, the dream product is ready to use.

It is simple, fast and professional. The main advantages of the service are the quality, fast delivery and the licensing. In real life, to build a gambling business from scratch would take much longer, mostly on obtaining licenses with no guarantee of a successful end. If you are unwilling to spend a lot of time and effort on bureaucracy, documentation, hiring stuff, creating your own website and so on, then 1Clickgames are here to help. Please feel free to request a quote and discuss an opportunity for future cooperation.