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What are the top 5 most popular casino games worldwide?

The Casino field has been evolving for decades and during that period consumers have picked their favorites from the existing game variety. The Casino industry includes a traditional, land-based casino with slot machines, sports bets, land-based and online poker games, lotteries and many other exciting ways to spend your free time. Similarly, 1Click Games offers a great variety of gambling solutions like its unified platform for online casino business including casino, sportsbook and lottery engines. In this article you can read about the most popular games worldwide that will help you to identify the best platform for your business.

Lottery – the 1st place

Interesting fact, the chances of winning the lottery is super low, but in spite of that, every day billions of people buy a lottery ticket and believe in their luck. Why? Because the possible wins are so big that all the casino companies cannot match these huge winnings. Winning the Lottery could be the gateway to a new rich, secure and unbelievable life Everybody wants to make their dreams come true.

Poker – the 2nd place

This is one of the most favorite types of gambling games. Mostly it is club poker, with the classic games like Texas Poker, Omaha Poker and much more. The championships are played everywhere: in a family, between friends, colleagues, beginner players and of course the world championships. In some countries, Poker is even recognized as a sport. A lot of movies and psychological research has been made about Poker. Every day it continues to grow in popularity, attracting more and more new players.

Sport bets – 3rd place

Sport is followed and watched by people all over the world. Most people follow their favorite teams or athletes for years. Sport is a tradition for most nations and is a reason for pride or part of a culture. It is no wonder then, that sports betting is so popular. Sports bets are the easiest way to combine pleasure and business, to watch a favorite team and win money on a positive outcome.

Slot machines – 4th place

Slot machines have been with us for many years and have involved into online slots with land-based slot still continuing to be popular. The colorful and alluring machines attract customers daily and the machines are an integral part of land-based casinos nowadays.

Baccarat – 5th place

Most people would expect to see roulette in this place, but Baccarat has overtaken the classic roulette because it is the most favorite game in Asian countries. In Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, 80% of the playing areas in casinos are occupied by Baccarat tables. In the US, Baccarat is also popular, so that is why the game takes the deserved 5th place.

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