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Boost your lottery sales with Mobile Lottery Terminals

Lottery is one of the most popular legal forms of gambling and probably that’s because of the simplicity of the game, which, however, can offer record-setting rewards.

Process of buying a lottery ticket is so simple that it never will become out-fashioned. It was, is and will be popular amongst customers in all age groups.

One thing that will play a critical role in success of your lottery business (if you are not offering your services online) is location, as it will give you an access to your customers. One of the great solutions to this are interactive gaming ATMs, which can be placed in malls, gas stations, airports, etc.

What if we tell you that there is a much cost-effective solution, which will almost completely devolve importance of a location for your lottery business?

1Click Games’ Mobile Lottery Terminals

Now you can sell your lottery tickets to everyone (does not require customer’s sign up) and basically everywhere. It prints tickets in a matter of seconds and has an extra-long battery life. All that is required for a Mobile Lottery Terminal is a GSM coverage. Regardless of the area you can:

  • Sell and print lottery tickets
  • Process winning payouts
  • Accept deposits and issue withdrawals

How Mobile Lottery Terminals will boost your sales?

Even if you already offer your services online, by phone and by retail, you still can profit on:

  • Territories without an Internet connection
  • Older customers that are not familiar to Internet technologies
  • Recreational and impulsive one-stop-shop customers

If you are interested in such technology and would like to try it yourself, feel free to request a quote and our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.