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Ways to bring your retail business to the top with 1Click Games

The land-based retail business forms are a large part of the casino industry and it is therefore vitally important to know how to run a business with minimal loses and risks. In this article we will mention all the most encountered problems that face a new land-based business.

One of the first important things is to manage the control over the retails, how to be in charge of each transaction made in the correct kiosk or how to follow the weekly NGR on a current online brand. To make it all happen 1Click Games has a ready-made solution ― a CRM system that will take over everything, including all the sold ticket amount in the current land-based kiosk or a new user increase in a certain period. CRM will have all the data about your business so you will be able to follow all the transactions, cash operation, POS agents and sales. CRM is the foundation of a successful business, that will allow changes to be monitored, the increase and decline of income, that will help to make necessary changes to ensure a profit.

The second necessary thing is the report understanding, based on the CRM information. Land-based kiosks quite often have problems with irresponsible employees who often try to hide some important information, for example, the cancellation of a lottery ticket. Often retailers do not get the real void ticket information because of the unprofessional cashier's work. To avoid this, 1Click Games CRM will make this procedure automatic, so the business owner will be in charge of all transactions. The reports also provide all the information about sales, each POS and each cashier results.

The third important moment is to make your business safe from risks or minimalize them. The theme is about putting limits on the cashiers. Each online casino has payout rules that should be followed to reduce unplanned payouts. Each gambling game, slots, casino, bets should all have limits: bet limits, deposit limits and withdrawal limits.

The last thing that plays an important role in the retail business is customer support. 1Click Games CRM provides a great opportunity for casino back offices to track users, help them to solve their problems like unsuccessful deposit, cancel the purchased ticket or check the user before the huge payout. The customer support will make the business appear more trustworthy and friendly which will undoubtedly affect it in a good way.

If you are a retail business owner, or you are planning to grow the business and streamline all the land-based operations, the 1Click Games product is exactly what your business needs. Please feel free to request a quote and our company's representative will contact you as soon as possible.