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Players Retention Services for Casinos by 1Click Games

After working hard to establish a good base of first clients, it is equally important to ensure that you keep them using your website. Client retention rates are closely linked to the amount of time a player spends on the website. The more time they spend playing on the website, the greater the possibility of retaining them. If you are presently experiencing problems with the average client time on your website, then you will like 1Click Games Players Retention Services.

1Click Games Players Retention Services is integrated into 1Click CRM and offers an automatic day-to-day operational process like retention. Most of the common processes can be automated to reduce KYC, support, and payments staff’s workload. An automated module can ease your casinos website workload by communicating with customers and targeting them differently, based on their previous behavior. Using the 1Click Games Retention services you can set up a rewards schedule, email/SMS notifications upon specific events, like accepted/rejected payments, verification requests and approvals, funds left on account, and many more. The same module can also be used to send automated promotional messages to customers on their birthday, thereby influencing their activity. Retention activities are always analyzed by KPI, compared and are available to the client. The list includes the deposit conversion, lifetime value, LTP and LTV periods.

By choosing 1Click Games offered services, you will receive a full overview of operations and get some triggers and additional tools to fully automate retention.

The Retention team are always working on new strategies to involve people playing. 1Click Games have an experienced marketing team that weekly create promotions and inform players about new game opportunities, added games, promos, and extra slots and bonuses. The team always use the right games on the website banners to attract the user’s attention and invite them to play.

1Click Games retention services also include development and implementation strategy services. It is very important at the beginning of the business to build a correct, attractive welcome bonus package which will include a wide range of exciting stuff – sign up bonus, deposit bonus, and free spins as well as a Regular bonus and promotions plan, VIP retention strategy, and promo Email Campaigns. There is also an opportunity to use products like Optimove as part of an advanced solution for top-level customer service.

If you are interested in launching your own casino with the right plan that will work from the very first day of your casino and you want a dynamic, professional retention working system, please request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.