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Innovative retail management system from 1 Click Games

The purpose of each business is to grow a strong company that will progress and make a good income. This result is only possible if the business is correctly structured and functioning properly. The retail business requires more attention, relying on its business structure.

Retail business is a common thing in the casino industry, but whilst the number of land-based casinos grow each day it can also bring some difficulties in the control system, especially if the number of retail outlets is sizeable.

1Click Games offer a unique system for retail operations that will be able to take control over all aspects: finance reporting, payout distribution, financial accounting, lottery system, sportsbook system, casino system, retail operations and provide an option to receive detailed reports about each system unit including owner, retailer locations and retail group.

This system is most often needed in a situation where your online casino has land-based kiosks which operate independently and each kiosk has its own data, reports, and income. To streamline the reports and be able to track the most popular services, games and purchases made by customers it is important to support retail operations and easily access the retail management system and be able to provide retail performance reports upon request. The retail management system from 1Click Games will streamline the business structure, secure from prohibited transactions and make all the retail system systematized and analyses 24/7.

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