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What is online casino turnkey solution

If you are looking for a quick-start solution for the establishment of your online casino with little to none effort, turnkey is what you need.

Online casino turnkey solutions offer you the opportunity to quickly and easily launch your own online casino business. By signing just a single agreement, you will get all-included and fully functioning licensed online casino.

Instead of getting others’ casino products, rebranding them as yours and then putting them altogether, like with white label casino software, with turnkey solution you get complete package.

Online casino turnkey solutions include:

  • International online gambling license
  • Online casino site with payment gateways and support software already integrated
  • CRM and CMS software
  • Plethora of casino games and other online gambling products
  • Hosting, lifetime technical support, and other services

1Click Games’ online casino turnkey solution

By signing for 1Click Games’ online casino turnkey solution you’ll receive a multi-currency internationally licensed online casino branded and tailored to your needs. It will feature over 1500 premium online casino games, all internationally certified and optimized for both desktop and mobile. Package will be already integrated with and will include following software:
  • Customer Relationship Management platform
  • Content Management System
  • Payment management software
  • Customer Support software
  • Analytics and marketing tools
  • Affiliate management software
With 1Click Games’ Curacao eGaming sublicense you will have all it takes to start operating and generating revenue worldwide from day 1. You can also add additional online gambling products, such as sportsbook, lottery, bingo and live casino.

If you are interested in products or services provided by 1Click Games, please fill short form on the Home page and our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.