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Increase wagers with 1Click Games' Customer Loyalty Program

Marketers and business owners enjoy loyalty programs because they have the ability to improve customer retention for specific operations like deposits, or lottery tickets purchases or casino wager.

1Click Games Customer Loyalty Program rewards frequently purchasing customers. It starts to reward from the moment of initial deposit.

Then, based on your preferences of points awarded for wager per each integrated game provider (1Click Games Lottery, NetEnt, Microgaming, Booming Games, etc), type of game (slots, table games, lottery etc), any specific game (for example, Gonzo’s Quest), or cost of points per each supported currency (either per your preferences or per European Central Bank rates), it will reward for continuous game play.

1Click Games Customer Loyalty Program also supports granting points via API, or coupon codes on 3rd party sites.

By accumulating loyalty points your customers will move through loyalty levels and sublevels, which will allow you to create advanced and very attractive loyalty programs. Each loyalty sub-level could have own configurations and could provide different conversion price for loyalty points.

Customers could spend their points by converting them into real money available for new purchases or withdrawal.

The most advanced feature in loyalty program we have is possibility to switch players between different loyalty programs. In this way you could provide your VIP players with much more attractive rewards without affecting other customers segments.

1Click Games Customer Loyalty Program provides all necessary reporting to control loyalty point balances and also allows manual modifications and customer migration between groups. It’s also possible to perform A/B testing between loyalty programs by assigning different programs to the same segment.

1Click Games Customer Loyalty Program constantly improves and will be extended with integration to different services in order to allow customers to use points outside the iGaming site environment (for example, to pay at online shop etc.) or convert it to any cryptocurrency if needed. We also help our operators to integrate loyalty shops with local systems in order to provide better experience and value for loyalty program.

Using a loyalty rewards program in your marketing strategy will provide you with an access to a bigger portion of your customers' wallets and satisfaction. It will increase your retention, will give you additional competitive advantage and will create more opportunities to expand your business.

If you are interested in such solutions and would like to know more about advantages, feel free to request a quote and our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.