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An irreplaceable advantage of the ChatBot widget in the gambling industry

Due to the fact that every day every online casino is faced with a large flow of users that are processed by support, sometimes it is hard to achieve a high rate of satisfaction. The bad satisfaction rate can negatively influence site rating and players LTV. 1Click Games considers, that the support team is a necessary part of the company and it is important to facilitate the work with the latest developments, with more details about the importance of the customer support service for each online casino which can be found here. 1Click Games offer a great solution for online casino customer support departments – a self-learning AI chatbot, that will act as a communication interface that will help individuals and companies to converse without requiring human interaction.

The ChatBots around us

At first, people might think that they do not interact with the chatbots in daily life, but it is not true. Two of the most well-known bots are Siri and Alexa. All modern social media also uses chatbots for communication, and thanks to technological progress and AI they have become more developed and attractive to people. ChatBots can help to answer basic questions, guide users through a current action and process data. The bots are created to lower human resources and human involvement in basic processes.

ChatBots in the gaming industry

Online gambling is 24/7, and needs to provide round-the-clock support which is wanted by human resources, to process requests and data during the night. 1Click Games integrated a ChatBot widget. Easy ChatBot builder allows customization of bots behavior and duties. The ChatBot widget can be programmed to answer basic players' questions during hours when support is not available. The 1Click Games bot can also be programmed to answer FAQ questions, and the player can ask the bot, instead of finding them on his own in the FAQ list. The bot can also answer the most common player questions and free up human resources, offer bonuses and add entertainment elements in communication. But the bot still requires people to help set up and the ChatBot’s skills can’t completely replace people, so this service is an excellent option to provide extra help 24/7 to players and increase the player’s satisfaction rate.


The market offers a wide variety of Chatbot widgets for different channels, so it is important to pick the right one that will suit all the casino needs and integration channels. 1Click Games helps with the bot integration and provide a unique and tested script that was created for online casino customer needs. If you are considering improving your customer support, customer satisfaction rate and average response time, then 1Click Games ChatBot is one option that will help you. Feel free to request a quote , and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible.