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The Holiday promo calendar from 1ClickGames ― a feature designed to increase user’s engagement

Gambling marketing contains a lot of different elements that work on user’s engagement. One of the most effective and popular areas of advertising are promotions and offers for players. When the average promotions stop working, 1Click Games comes to the rescue with their Holiday promo calendar. It is designed not only for user’s engagement but also to increase players' live time value, sum of average deposits and average time on the website.

What is the Holiday Calendar?

1ClickGames is delighted to reveal its new marketing feature. The Holiday promo calendar works similarly to the well-known and popular Advent calendar. It can be programmed for a certain amount of days, like the 24 days in a Christmas Advent calendar, a Halloween Calendar with a month’s duration or any other Holiday with the desired amount of days. The thing is, that each programmed day has a special surprise like a promotion, bonus code or free funds to gamble. Every day players can only open on a specific calendar day and will receive a randomly selected surprise. This feature makes the player return again and again. You can also add rules about the opening of each calendar day. For example, the calendar could require a deposit before proceeding to the opening, which, in turn, will increase the number of deposits on the casino website.

Pick the needed Calendar

The 1ClickGames calendar feature can be adjusted to any occasion which the client may wish to see on their casino website. It can work all year, the promo can be set for a year, month or only a few days. The main thing is to pick the prizes that the player will receive. The calendar can be used at Christmas, Easter, Halloween or any other public holidays. It can be used as a casino’s special feature. The calendars can also be fully configured per region. So, if a casino has clients from different countries, the calendar can be set for a specific country and its special Holidays, for example, Independence Day, Solstice festival, etc.

The design looks great on any device

The design of the calendar can be chosen by the client and can contain different elements that will suit all the needs. One of the main advantages of any 1ClickGames products is that adjusts to any device. The calendar does not require any extra applications or improvements for players to use it on smartphones or tablets. It's easy availability can help to increase the rate of conversion to mobile devices, which can lead to increased sales.


Creating that extra holiday spirit for casino players in the form of a calendar is always a great idea to thank them for choosing the online casino website. In return, they will show their appreciation and will recommend the casino to friends and colleagues, who could become potential players for the casino. If you want to start the New Year with improvements to your existing online casino or start your casino website from scratch, then 1ClickGames could be your guide into the gambling world with a huge range of products that can be integrated in the shortest terms. If you feel like you are ready for new challenges, then request a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible.