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Cryptocurrency Online Poker as a Tool for Your Casino Business

Nowadays cryptocurrency can be used in many ways, from internet-shops to integration in gambling. If you have your own cryptocurrency or you are thinking about one and its further use, then you will find this article useful for your next business idea.

1Click Games is happy to announce, that now it is possible to integrate your cryptocurrency into the gambling industry, for example – poker. You can come up with any idea of your own cryptocurrency and we will help you to integrate it into your poker project, why not use your crypto-money for real money making? 1Click Games offers a white-label poker game that can be developed specially for your needs. All website functionality will be sharpened for the cryptocurrency and will work perfectly without any investments or extras.

Poker rooms are designed in a user-friendly style with multiple languages and individual branding available for each client. Games include advertising areas, configurable sounds, observer and player chat. The whole game contributes to a positive vibe and is a great solution that is easy to implement.

Cryptocurrency Poker is a great money and time investment, your cryptocurrency will become the foundation of your site image and everything will work on the coin you want. The best example of this product is our successful project which is operated with a new cryptocurrency named Zipett.

If you are interested in creating your own cryptocurrency casino or you have your own crypto that you want to integrate into a long-term product, feel free request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.