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Advantages of 1Click Games' Online Casino Apps

Traditionally online gamblers play casino, sports, lottery, and other games via the operator’s website either on Desktop or Mobile. However, there are existing possibilities to make gambling even more accessible and convenient, allowing your customers to access their account and favorite games via downloadable apps.

In this article we explain why 1Click Games' app functionality is a must have tool for your business. First of all, let us see this feature from the client’s viewpoint. The average user spends a significant time authorizing their account by typing website's url, then their login and password. By implementing the Desktop app, users will gain an alternative and much easier way to access your product. The app will operate much faster and better because it does not require the same amount of network traffic as it would be via the browser, which might be crucial in regions with a slow network connection.

The other great advantage is the Android mobile app, which is easy downloadable straight to the smartphone or tablet to be used anywhere on the go. A user-friendly interface, compact form, easy access to the funds and over 1000 casino games, sports bets and other exciting products. Development of the iOS mobile application is also in progress and will become available soon.

Mac Desktop app can be run on any macOS version starting from 10.9. Windows app supports Windows 7 and newer.

If you are interested in extending access to your products and making them more enjoyable, please request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.