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AI: The future of personalisation

Maxim Terehovich, the CEO of 1Click Games, shares his thoughts about where AI personalisation in the gaming industry is heading.

Nowadays any operator, regardless of the size of the business and the market in which it operates, faces the issue of gaming content management.

One major concern is that a player will spend seconds making a decision, and if the options don’t appear quickly enough, they will switch to another casino operator in search of something that will catch their eye.

In practice, all developers and gaming business owners face the age-old problem that their product teams are not able to recognise the customer’s desires beyond anything that the statistics and segmentation can show.

Only AI algorithms can analyse millions of unrelated parameters and find the relationship between them. By constantly learning and following the ever-changing industry trends, as well as the interests of players, they give players maximum personalised content.

Gathering as much information as possible about players’ behaviour helps AI increase retention and LTV by predicting players’ needs and expectations.

AI studies individual player behaviour and, with the help of algorithms, will offer different content or switch a player’s attention to another product to maintain interest.

Preventing bad actors from making malicious use of AI applications

Responsible gaming practices and market regulation are the best mechanisms currently in place to limit the malicious use of AI applications. When creating and training AI it is very easy to cross the line when the game becomes an unconsciously imposed choice for player.

To avoid malicious use of AI, at 1Click Games we are developing special AI algorithms for operators and government agencies that allow them to identify moments where the algorithms begin to exceed the responsible gaming rules.

Large companies are already using AI algorithms to some degree or another, and at the moment, the field of marketing and customer segment predictions is highly developed but not used a lot. The use of artificial intelligence in communications (AI bots) is also booming.

We see huge potential in the development of AI in the areas of responsible gaming and to execute control of regulator requirements.

Keeping the vast amount of data required secure and compliant

These days, our lives are fully controlled by various services and devices so it is difficult to talk about 100% data security. When using mobile phones, registering on websites, or connecting payment cards, we agree that our data can be processed. Of course, GDPR promises us security, but AI does not require as much personal data as it might seem at first glance. It does not require our name but instead assigns us a special code number, which collects all our behavioural information when we fall into its coverage area.

This ability to collect a huge amount of information and process it in seconds for quick decision-making, without endangering our personal data, is the main advantage of AI.

MAXIM TEREHOVICH is CEO of 1Click Games, the premium supplier of leading white-label solutions for both igaming start-ups and existing operators, and a certified and highly educated professional with over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry. His experience covers the online gambling industry, where he manages the development of 150+ high-quality casino games, the platform for B2B solutions and integration of the third-party products.

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