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Acquisition vs Retention in an Online Casino: Where to invest?

Growing an online gaming startup with limited budget is a challenging task and you wish each your investment decision to positively impact your revenue and avail funds for continuous growth. But where to invest – acquisition or retention, new features or products?

As a startup you will definitely want to go with acquisition, however because of such high competitiveness in online casino industry, you should view retention as an equally important process, because the longer time it takes to convert a registered customer into paying customer, the less likely this customer will ever pay you.

One of the ways to save resources and economize your operations without making them less efficient, is automation. By automating some of the repetitive time and resource consuming day-to-day operational processes, like retention, you will save both time and money. Also, you will exclude possibility of human error.

If you choose 1Click Games as your platform provider, 1Click CRM will give you not only full overview over all your operations, it also will provide you with tools to fully automate your retention and some portion of communication, which can come in hand while your business is still in its maturing stage.

Platform’s automated communication module allows to set automated email/SMS notifications upon specific events, like accepted/rejected payments, verification requests and approvals, funds left on account, and many more. By setting up templates and applying triggers to them you can positively impact your support and KYC staff’s workload. The same module can be used to send automated promotional messages to customers on their birthday.

Automated retention module allows to setup a rewards schedule that will communicate with your customers not only automatically, but also target them differently based on their previous behavior. It will segment customers into groups and allow you to target each segment with a message and offer that is most suitable for the specific segment. By setting up message templates and schedules for each segment once you can almost forget about retention, focusing more on acquisition while platform automatically collects new purchases from your customers on a daily basis.

If you are interested in such solutions and would like to know more about advantages, feel free to request a quote and our representative will be in touch with you shortly.