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Why the iGaming industry will survive the crisis

If you have a lemon, make a lemonade - this phrase of Dale Carnegie from his 1948 book has not lost its relevance. It is especially suitable for describing the situation that is currently happening in the gambling industry. The lemon in this story is the massive lockdown of people at home due to the pandemic and the decrease in revenue of land-based casinos, but what about the lemonade? Well, this could be the opportunity to set up your own online casino. This article is dedicated to the iGaming industry and an explanation of why you should start making your lemonade with 1Click Games.

What’s happened?

There are a lot of people in the world who make a profit from investing money in different projects. In the current economic situation, the areas where they could invest have become smaller. There is a view that of all the world's industries, iGaming is now the most profitable for investment and making your money work for you. COVID-19 burst into the life from nowhere and rapidly spread around the planet causing not only indignation but also real fear. In addition to the danger of getting sick, the coronavirus has affected the economy of the whole world.

The story of one industry victim

Coronavirus has already negatively affected the market for air travel and aviation fuel. Many companies have suspended flights over China, North America, and Europe. A huge number of personnel have been fired and flight loads considerably reduced, and this is only one story from one industry, and there are hundreds of thousands of them.


The worst day in the US and UK stock markets since 1987
Fear of the unknown has led to the collapse of securities around the world. All measures taken to stimulate the economy have not been enough to stop the fall. Many investors and analysts compare 2020 with the SARS epidemic in 2003, and stock and oil markets also experienced a fall that year. At the moment, the stock market has fallen by 10% - the most rapid drop since 1987. In the US, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices, are also at their worst level since 1987, a real “Black Monday” after 33 years.

Why iGaming survives

The introduction of new technologies

iGaming is constantly evolving; everyday hundreds of people are working to make this business even better. Engineers are constantly seeking for the implementation paths of artificial intelligence, which will take over many functions. At the moment, artificial intelligence generates games that may interest the player based on their game history. AI is also successfully used in communicating with players through chatbots, that reduce support costs while offering help to players and answering their questions.

The number of casino products is growing

iGaming have even found a quick solution to support sportsbooks that are tied to real sports events. Real sport has been replaced by virtual sport, the virtual sport based on the real results of teams and athletes, only with the addition of a random number generator. 1Click Games offer a wide range of virtual sports games from top providers like Kiron Interactive, Leap gaming, and BetConstruct.

Another huge plus of the iGaming industry, is that it’s a very developed community, not only for communication between industry representatives but also for finding potential customers, investors, and partners. In the gambling industry, there are many events which provide platforms for productive networking. They are held in different parts of the world and gather industry leaders as well as the best experts specializing in the development and promotion of the gambling business.


At the moment iGaming is one of the thriving industries that is staying afloat at the time of this economic downturn. For companies that have long been in this industry but operate land-based casinos and are forced to wait for the pandemic to end, moving online could be a real salvation. For investors who want to invest their money or create a successful business, 1Click Games can also offer an excellent solution. Therefore, if you are interested in creating your casino and don’t know where to start, or if you want to save an existing business, feel free to request a quote and our company representative will get back to you as soon as possible with the best solution offer to suit your needs.