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Reality check in the gambling industry - the ability to protect your players

Responsible gaming is a must in the gambling world, the more players end up playing the online casinos, the more popularity they gain, the more responsibility falls on the casino itself. Not all players who have an addiction can be found at first sign, and addiction is difficult to recognize in the initial stages. To protect players from unpleasant consequences, 1Click Games created its own reality check that is integrated into its gaming platform for the player’s protection.

Why it is needed?

The built-in reality check pops up in front of the player when he plays only on his real money after a selected period of time. It helps the player to remind himself about the risks he is taking and to stop the game if he has exceeded his limits. Sometimes the player gets too involved in the game, that he doesn’t keep track of his balance. After creating an account on the online casino site, the system automatically offers to show him the reality check window at a selected period of time – 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, so he can select his own time or disable the function. The reality check window will show the player’s logged in time, the total amount of funds wagered and how much the player has won. The window will then offer two options – to quit the game or to continue.

Pros for player

It is a well-known tool for advanced casino players and after selecting the reality check time, the player will receive full control over his gambling activity. He will be reminded about the time he is playing which will prevent any unnecessary waste of funds. The player will feel safer, so if his gambling addiction starts to progress, the reality check will remind him to stop.

Pros for business

The reality check feature meets all the authority’s legislation requirements for responsible gaming, which is very important for each online casino website. The 1Click Games platform has a built-in reality check solution across all game providers, so there is no need to configure it manually.


Reality Check feature is a must-have feature for online casinos in 2020 due to the high standards and requirements to ensure safety for players. If you are willing to add the reality check feature to your own online casino or create a brand-new casino brand from scratch, 1Click Games is the best partner for this solution. Request a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further opportunities.