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Why online casinos are better than land-based in 2020

Heated discussions have taken place over the years in the gambling industry about which casino is better – old classic land-based or the new online casino websites. In this article, 1Click Games will examine several facts- why it is better and more profitable to host an online casino in 2020 and in which ways the land-based casino is a step behind.

The online casino has more perspectives

The first reason why online casinos are maintaining their lead position is because of the growing popularity of individual forms of entertainment. More and more people prefer playing online, without gathering in land-based casinos. The demand for land-based casinos has decreased significantly since the Internet became wireless. Whilst many countries have restricted land-based casinos in their countries, the popularity of online casino has continued to grow.


Profits in the online gaming industry are increasing year on year, and for the last five years it has shown a more progressive growth. Based on the data, if the growth continues at this rate, the turnover in online gambling in 2023 will reach 525 billion dollars. According to world statistics, about 26% of all the world’s population gamble and, due to its easy accessibility, the number of players continues to grow every day.


easy casino access

Accessibility is a thing that land-based casinos can’t compete against. Nowadays, online casinos are available on every device – smartphones PC or laptops. It is no longer necessary to play just from a computer, it is accessible anywhere –travelling, on a walk, at home or at work. There is no need to search for the nearest casino to play a few games.

1Click Games offer great, professional online websites with responsive skin, that fits perfectly on any device without any additional applications. Players can easily access their casino profile and check on their balance, request a withdrawal, add funds or place some bets.

Low operational costs

This is a huge plus for a business. Creating your own online casino business definitely requires some initial capital, but it is more profitable cost effective when compared to the expenses of a land-based casino. The large amount of initial investment in land-based casino may not be paid off even after a few years, because, in addition to registering a legal entity and obtaining a license, it is necessary to launch the entire gambling zone, including finding and renting a gaming room, hiring personnel, purchasing equipment and furniture for a casino, depreciation and much more.

Liaising with 1Click Games, the client will receive a ready-made casino solution in just one day. Licensed, with world-famous games from well-known game providers, ready marketing strategy and customized support. No extra investments required, just a ready online casino that can start welcoming players the very next day.

Huge variety of games

The online casino not only contains slot-games, but it also is very popular due to a huge variety of different games and game types. In the online casino, people can play slots, card games, online dealer games, sports bets, and lottery. The variety helps player retention and the players have more opportunities to try more games in one place and find the best for them. Also, playing online gives players more chances to try new games, compared to the narrowly targeted land-based casinos.


Online casinos accept different type of currencies and for players. Foreign customers will appreciate the functionality and flexibility of this approach, making it is another plus for online casinos.

Support 24/7

online casino support

One of the undeniable advantages of online casinos is customer support 24/7. This is important because everyone will have questions during their play, especially new players. Players can safely explore the world of online casinos and reach out to the customer support team whenever they need it.


It is worth mentioning that, even with the above facts, the era of the land-based casino is not about to end anytime soon. However, we can see for many reasons, online casinos are a comparable way of gambling that is profitable, highly popular and easy to use.
If you own a land-based casino it is never too late to make an online version of it, to increase your profits and expand your business horizons.

If you are considering creating your own online casino project, then 1Click Games can become your trusted partner in creating a product that will meet all your requirements. Please feel free to explore 1Click Games wide range of offered products: unified platform, casino, sportsbook, lottery and game providers that can be integrated into the requested casino. Why not contact us today to request a quote and find out more about the steps to connect you to your own gambling project?