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Launching a sportsbook – what you need to know

If you think that starting a sportsbook in 2020 is not a good idea, then think again. There is no bad time for a sportsbook, even if the coronavirus has cancelled all the sporting events in the world. Even in this situation, a sportsbook has something to offer fans of sports betting and the number of these offers is growing every day.

Another plus of the sportsbook is that, compared to online casinos, sportsbooks are allowed in many countries of the world. There are two options for opening such a business - land and online. The second option is less costly, but no less effective and, as practice shows, is an even more practical way of doing business. In this article, 1Click Games will show you how easy it is to open your own sportsbook and become competitive in the market.

What is a sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a place where a player can bet on the outcome of an event. Anything from football to the election of the president or winner of Eurovision. Based on the odds that are set for a particular outcome, a player could receive a varying amount of money if they guessed the outcome of the event. The less chance of an expected outcome, the higher the odds given. Betting on sporting events is most popular because this is perhaps the most ancient way of entertainment, originating a long time ago. You can read more about the evolution of the sportsbook here.

What is required to create your own sportsbook?


Beginners to the betting industry will face many obstacles, including the high costs and problems faced when trying to obtain your own license. The price for entering the gambling world can be very, very high. If you are new to this business, don’t waste money, time, and nerves to create something from scratch when you can use the finished product. You can save time and even money if you simply contact 1Click Games for their 1Click Bet Sportsbook software.

Personnel and software

Newcomers to the iGaming industry have 2 alternative ways to begin - to hire a staff of programmers to create their own software from scratch or purchase a ready-made product. The first option is more expensive, especially since it is not so easy to assemble a staff of specialists who have experience in creating platforms for sports betting. If you start working with 1Click Games, then you will only need to hire a much smaller number of developers to maintain the platform. In addition, you will save on the entire customer support and marketing department. Your successful business is just one click away, read about your future success here.

Payment systems

No single sportsbook is complete without payment systems. This is the key to success, namely the guarantee that players will be able to replenish their balance and make bets. 1Click Games only works with the best payment systems and selects the best payment methods for you, taking into account your selected operating region. Read more about payment systems from 1ClickGames here.

Why is 2020 a great year to launch a sportsbook?

In the midst of the global crisis triggered by the Covid-19 disease, many land-based casinos and betting operators have suffered losses and have been forced to close for the duration of the pandemic. Also, a huge number of sporting events have been canceled, including the Olympic Games and world championships, thereby leaving practically no options for players to bet. However, virtual sports is continuing to grow in popularity around the world, making it a real lifesaver for online sportsbooks.

1Click Games provides virtual sports integration from top providers such as BetConstruct, Leap Gaming, Kiron, and Edge Gaming.


If you are ready to launch a sportsbook, then 1Click Games are ready waiting to become your trusted partner. Our trump cards are fast and high-quality integration, the launch of your project in the shortest possible time, and of course, high-quality service. If you are still in doubt, then this article about the advantages of making a sportsbook as your gambling business will surely help you to make a decision. Feel free to request a quotee and discuss possible future opportunities, because your successful business is only 1 click away!