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How to build a successful customer support team

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and any service on the Internet, whether it’s an online store, an appointment with a doctor, or a casino, has now become the equal of a face-to-face service. Without noticing it, we have become used to excellent service, to the fact that our goods will be delivered on time, the appointment will be arranged with the doctor, and the deposit will instantly appear in our casino account. However, everything does not always go as smoothly as we would like. When applying for a particular service, we expect excellent quality in the end, and after communicating in an online chat, we expect an instant solution to our problem, without any unnecessary waiting. This also happens in online casinos. In this article, 1ClickGames will talk about how to set up and build a successful customer support, not only to do its job properly, but also to attract maximum profit.

Team building

The customer support team is not just a department that analyzes customer complaints and helps accrue bonuses. This is an outdated view of the work from people who come into contact with real customers every day and understand the audience of your casino better than others. Successful customer support is not only responsible for answering user questions, but is proactive, anticipating questions that may arise in the future.

When setting up your support team, the first question you must decide is whether to create it inside your company or outsource it. You should also clarify the clear goals that you wish to achieve. An outsourced team can offer a huge number of services, but it is important to keep in mind that quality of service is the main objective. Remember that a poor-quality support team can have a massive negative impact on your casino.

Customer support is the face of your casino

So, what things are important in achieving successful high-quality support? It should consist of a team of professionals who are not only focused on the result but are also well aware of their importance in the company. Instant response to technical problems, proactivity, courtesy, customer retention, resolving troubles and difficult issues and forming the image of the casino as a whole - these are the main responsibilities of a high-quality and properly tuned customer support.

Another important point is the special attitude towards VIP players, which always increases trust in the casino and indicates an individual approach to each client, which is important in forming the image of the casino.


Before you start training the team, you need to decide on the communication options: live-chats, e-mails or phone, or all sources. Each option for communication is important and convenient, for example, live-chat helps to solve the player’s problems on the site, on the telephone you can help to solve some technical problems on the part of the client or return them to the casino game, finding out the reasons for absence. Using e-mail, you can send documents for verification, solve problems with access to the casino, etc.

Work organization

Another important fact you need to carefully consider is the working hours of the customer support. If it is not possible to offer round-the-clock support, you could analyze the time when players are most active and set these specific hours of work. And don’t forget that you can also use the Chatbot widget to deal with players in the absence of managers. You can learn more about this in An irreplaceable advantage of the ChatBot widget in the gambling industry article.

A ready-made solution

1ClickGames is very proud of the support services that we provide to our casino sites. We approach each of our clients individually and strive to take customer support to a new level. If you still think that online casinos can do without customer support, we recommend that you read the article The importance of a reliable support service for online casinos. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunity of arranging excellent customer support for your casino project and taking your business to new levels of success.