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Affiliate importance in the gambling industry

Affiliate programs play an integral part in the gambling industry and in the casino working and marketing process. Partnership programs are a great communication source for casinos, helping them to low the marketing extension and at the same time find the needed traffic and grow the casino brand popularity. Nowadays there is no successful casino without an affiliate strategy, according to the GOWILD Gaming COO: “No matter how good the technology, the games, or the platform, it takes the partnership to make it work. And one of the primary partners for operators’ success has long been a strong affiliate network.” He meant that affiliates make the business work only with the support of the casino company and it is teamwork complementing each other, to keep up with the market trends. So how do you choose the right affiliate strategy, specifically for your casino? 1Click Games, on its way to reaching its goal of 1 Billion transactions, are happy to share their experience on how to get the most from affiliates relationships.

Building trust

One of the main affiliate program responsibilities is building trust for the current casino. Partnership programs have different tools for promoting online casinos, like online-streams or reviews. This type of marketing instruments helps to increase the brand’s recognition and popularize the platform. In online casino promotions there are a lot of different options to promote casinos, but building an affiliate partnership program will help to attract professional affiliates for future marketing promotions.

Do not stop on the gambling field

Finding partners in the gambling field is vital for promotion, but in order to increase results, it is also extremely important to seek out new markets, similar to the gaming ones. Do not limit yourself to only cooperating with partners on gambling resources - it is important to find partners with sites covering broader topics. Also remember to find an affiliate with a proven track record who can give examples of their previous cases and share their experiences in creating traffic. There is a huge variation of affiliate programs, that can be used for different conditions, so it is important for the casino company to identify what they want to achieve and create the necessary program accordingly.


Affiliate programs and partnerships play a very important role in casino promotions. Often casinos realise that their existing business needs some kind of additional promotion to ensure growth. However, often the various steps involved in selecting the program and finding the right affiliate partners seem to be very difficult. We have a quick and professional solution -1Click Games can act as a reliable partner in this situation. If you will decide to create your own casino website from scratch with 1Click Games, then the company will provide full support and the initial help in creating partnership programs and finding the best ways of creating traffic. If you are ready to make the next step for your future business, please do not hesitate to request a quote and our company’s representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Online Casino Bonus Aggregator Analysis

Bonus Variety: A diverse selection of bonuses can significantly enhance your online gaming adventure. We evaluated the bonus variety offered by each aggregator, ranging from no deposit bonuses to free spins and match bonuses. Whether you're looking for a wide array of options or specific types of bonuses, our analysis covers it all.

Trustworthiness: Trust is paramount when dealing with online casino bonuses. Players want to ensure that the information provided by aggregators is reliable and accurate. Our analysis includes a trustworthiness assessment of these aggregators, highlighting those with a strong reputation and a track record of providing accurate information.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating an aggregator's website should be a breeze, allowing players to find the information they need quickly. We've evaluated the user-friendliness of each domain, emphasizing those with intuitive interfaces that make it easy for players to discover the best bonuses effortlessly.

Information Accuracy: The latest and most accurate information is crucial for players seeking the best bonuses. Our analysis delves into the accuracy of the information provided by each aggregator, ensuring that you can trust the deals and promotions you find.

Mobile Compatibility: With the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, a mobile-compatible aggregator is essential. We've assessed which aggregators have optimized their platforms for mobile users, ensuring that you can access the best bonuses on the go.

Examples of Affiliate Programs
Bonus and casino news aggregator

Choosing the right online casino bonus aggregator is a crucial step in enhancing your gaming experience. Depending on your preferences, whether it's a wide variety of bonuses, trustworthiness, user-friendly interfaces, accurate information, or mobile compatibility, our findings will guide you in making the right choice.

Keep in mind that the world of online casino bonuses is dynamic, with new promotions constantly emerging. Staying informed and using trustworthy aggregators can give you an edge in finding the most lucrative deals. Enjoy your online gaming responsibly and make the most of these bonuses to enhance your gaming adventures.