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1ClickGames plans in 2022, complex customer verification service and 24/7 customer support services

What will we do for 1Click Games clients in 2022?

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1Click Games company has been growing dynamically all previous years. 2021 turned out to be the most successful year for us and we received an organic growth of 30% compared to the previous year. In many ways, this growth is due to the correct course of the company related to obtaining software licenses and certification. We would also like to mention the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, which freed up a huge amount of our clients' resources from routine work and allowed them to focus on creating creative content. Creative content, in turn, increased conversions and extended the life cycle of players.

In 2022, we will focus even more on obtaining licenses and implementing artificial intelligence algorithms. All our departments will present improvements and new functionality in existing products and services. But in addition to this, our company has started developing two new products that will seriously increase the volume of business and audience as well as master new market segments. At the moment, we do not disclose the specific functionality of these products, but we are confident that the addition of these products will increase the profitability of our client's business by tens of percent.

In 2021, we developed about 35% of the functionality that is ahead of time and is not used by our clients by 100%. The main task from the development processes in the company point of view, we have identified the greater inclusion of our specialists in the business processes of our clients. Our goal is to develop the functionality that is 100% in demand - that is used and supports the business processes of our clients.

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Maksims Terehovics
CEO, 1Click Games
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A complex Customer Verification Service

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When it comes to verifying players' identities, operators need to carefully balance legal requirements with their business needs and find a proper way to deliver elaborate procedures via a simplified user experience.1ClickGames is equally focused on integrating leading identity-verification services and on ensuring frictionless and rapid KYC processes.

Here’s a summary of some benefits Customer Verification Service provides:

  1. Covers regulatory requirements in numerous jurisdictions support multiply verification types (age, documents, proof of address, biometrics authentication, PEP, sanctions)
  2. Easy and fast verification flow
  3. Customers can process the verification via desktop/mobile or both
  4. Prevents for creating duplicate accounts

1ClickGames now provides 24/7 Customer Support services

#KYC #MultiAccounting

We are happy to announce that our customer support team is now available 24/7! Now we can provide a more convenient service for your customers all around the world. Providing round-the-clock support means service meets customer expectations, and they can contact us whenever they need and we can handle support queries sooner.

Our Customer Support team shows great effort in keeping our customers in a good mood. Average customer satisfaction in the Gambling industry is about 75%, but most teams will want to aim for no lower than 80%. We are targeting to reach and hold a customer satisfaction rate of 90% and more. 1ClickGames average customer satisfaction rate has grown up from 83% in 2020 to 86% in 2021.

Also, Level 2 support to our partners became more efficient and now you can use the Live Chat button under our CRM system and contact our support agents if you need urgent assistance.