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1Click Games CRM New Product Features

During the 2021 Q1/Q2, our company has implemented several features aimed to improve the quality of our sites and offer new features for both - site owners and our players. Our goal is to automate site and player management procedures to make regular task implementation easier.

Faster payout time using Automatic Withdrawals feature

Withdrawal processing time definitely is among the most important features for online casinos. According to current research, more than 35% of all online casino players consider the length to cash out of their winnings as the crucial factor of the gambling experience.

Our company is continuously developing to make cash out of winnings procedures more automated. We are working to improve withdrawal processing time. We are implementing automatic withdrawals that allow processing payouts immediately, besides, no identity verification or gambling activity audit is required for a player.

1CG Automatic Withdrawals allow to set up configurable rules based on the selection of payment methods, limitations to maximum withdrawal amount to process automatically, as well as allowed number of repeating withdrawals within the specified period. The player segmentation feature allows defining player groups for automatic withdrawal rules, as well as to create targeted rules for individual players.

Control over maximum stakes

Control over maximum stakes is an extremely important feature for both - site owners and players. Setting up maximum bet limits for games with high payout probability, like Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack, allows you to control casino expenses and protect your online casino from fraud players, who raise their bet occasionally with intent to get the maximum win.

On the other hand, for loyal players, setting up betting limits can become the one of responsible gambling tools, which allows the definition of the desired betting range, which the player considers safe for his budget.

1CG Platform is keeping up with industry trends and would like to be compliant with new German legislations, coming up with configurable rules to set up betting limits for casino sites. The betting limits configuration and monitoring are provider-independent, it can be defined per game categories, products, or specific games. Betting limits also can be set up per player segment, which allows defining betting limits per different player groups.

Automating players risk management in compliance with MGA legislation

Not any single online casino can operate outside gambling jurisdictions, that's why one of our top priorities is expanding our products to new gambling markets by obtaining licenses of our targeted markets. At the beginning of the year 2021, our company obtained the license of Malta Gambling Authority, which is one of the most reputable EU gambling authorities.

One of the important issues with operating the MGA licensed casino is having the risks control and players monitoring system. Automatization of risk management procedures allowed us to decrease efforts for managing risks and identifying potentially high-risk players. 1CG platform offers tools that allow to automatically define player’s risk levels, monitor duplicated player accounts, perform player checks against the EU sanctions lists. The automatic emailing system allows notify operators about the registration of potentially risky players, like players from high-risk countries, politically exposed persons, or their beneficiaries). The platform offers tools for monitoring players with high depositing activities and tracking the status of ID and source of wealth verifications for players.

We continue improving our risk management tools for expanding services to the UK and German gambling jurisdictions.

Automated segmentation is a key factor of a successful marketing

Player segmentation is a key factor for the effective targeting of marketing promotions. Our platform allows you to set up automated rules to segment players depending on their gaming activity and deposits value. Our automated tagging system allows you to mark players depending on their gambling and depositing patterns, preferred payment methods, and bonuses.

The promotional mailing and bonus targeting are taken by player segments. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and better target our bonus offerings.

Managing games per jurisdictions and automated game feeds

Offering new games to players as fast as they appear on the market is extremely important for player’s retention and their positive gambling experience. Surveying of our gamblers’ audience showed that about 90% of players are interested in new game releases. We integrated our platform with automated game feeds services to shorten the way of new games to our casino sites. That allows us to add new games to sites as soon as they are published by game providers.

One more important issue about online games is when operating casino sites in different jurisdictions is having control over game licenses. Our platform and sites allow you to control access to games per market, depending on game licensing and allowance to each target market.

Bonus Awards

When we talk about player acquisition, retention and reactivation, we also think about bonuses and gamification. Last year we created our own new cross-product - Deposit bonus system. Currently, it is available for all slots and live casino content providers. Before Free rounds were available only in Lady Luck and Booming games, now we can offer free spin awards also in Pragmatic and Wazdan games.